Why Businesses need to Rethink Brainstorming Sessions

In the 1950s, Alex Osborn, an advertising executive, introduced a technique to spark group creativity…

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how to use a preview dialer

How to use a preview dialer

A preview dialer is a great tool for campaigns where conversations need to be in-depth…

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The marketing funnel is dead – Change your marketing strategy for the digital age

My phone has been heating up and apps have lagged more than usual in the…

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7 Handy Tips for Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the critical steps in sales and marketing. Effective lead generation…

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5 Tips to run a successful bulk text messaging campaign

With a 98% open rate, text messaging has grown to become one of the most…

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Teamwork Lessons From Football For Your Business

Teamwork Lessons from Football for your Business

Leicester City’s big win at the Premier League makes for one of the greatest stories…

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5 key aspects to an outbound call center

5 ways to improve your outbound call center

Constant revaluation of call center processes make sure that your offering is relevant and successful. In this…

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5 Marketing tips learnt from kids

5 marketing tips to learn from Kids

Kids are born marketers. They learn early on how to get their way with an audience that…

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Customise you call center hold music

Customise your Call Center

We’ve power packed our Call Center settings section with settings that you can use to now…

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Internet marketing on CallHub

Internet Marketing for B2B Sales

 [ Many startup founders mention Jyothirmayee as one of the experts in internet marketing. I…

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