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Call Center

Automate the repetitive parts of phone calls with the outbound call center. Multiple automated dialers to match every calling requirement. Surveying tools to track responses. With unlimited agent seats.


Power Dialer

Automatically dial through your list one at a time without missing a single contact. When agent clicks a button to indicate they are available, the system places the next call. Used when the cost of not reaching a contact is high.


Preview Dialer

Search through the contact list and choose whom to call. Gives agents enough time to research the contact, look through previous interactions and then click a button to place the call.

Auto Dialer

Control the speed at which calls are being made. Calls are automatically dialed as soon as the previous call ends. Depending on the quality of the list, calls-to-agent ratio can be configured as 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 to improve connection rate.


Patch-through calling

Call people, encourage them to talk to their representatives and transfer the call to the right rep. All calls are tracked and easily monitored.

Predictive Dialer

Fastest way to go call your list. The Predictive Dialer continuously keeps track of talk time, ring time, drop rate and other call center metrics to dial numbers ahead of time. So, as soon as an agent hangs up the phone, they can start talking to the next person.


Project a local presence

Improve the chance of contact picking up the phone by displaying a local number when you call. Local numbers are available in 150+ countries.


Call monitoring and recording

Help maintain quality standards and guide training sessions by joining live calls – or record them for later.


Make calls via a browser or phone

If internet speeds are low or if the agent is more comfortable talking over the phone, let them switch between a web browser and landline or cellphone.

Call back at a convenient time

If contact is too busy to talk at the moment, agents can schedule a convenient time. CallHub automatically calls the contact at the right time and connects to the agent.


Gamify calling campaigns

Motivate your agents with friendly competition through badges for top callers and call center leaderboards.


Call dispositions

Target your follow-ups by recording the outcome of every call through dispositions like ‘left voicemail’, ‘user busy’, ‘meaningful conversation’ etc. Calls can be added to the retry queue based on dispositions.

Drop voicemail with a click

Drop a pre-recorded voicemail letting people know why you called when agents reach an answering machine.


Voice Broadcasting

Send pre-recorded audio messages to landlines and cellphones. Play a message, record audio or transfer the call based on the digit that is pressed after answer.

Text to speech

Quickly create the message you want to send by typing it out and converting it to audio. You can also record your own audio or upload existing audio files.

Press-1 campaigns

Tell people your message and let them press any digit from 0-9 to hear a follow-up message, leave a voice recording or transfer call to an agent.

SMS Broadcast

Send personalized texts to the entire list of subscribers in one click. Share time-sensitive updates and reminders that need to be seen and read quickly.

Automate responses

Collect event RSVPs, get people to complete surveys and collect data from new subscribers through automated text conversations.


Alphanumeric sender ID

Promote your brand by using your brand name as the caller ID instead of a number.


Nudge for a response

For people who do not complete a survey or send a response, send out a nudge after a specific time encouraging them to complete the flow.

One-to-one chat

Respond manually to contacts who require individual attention and let automated responses take care of everyone else.


Short Codes

Send up to 360,000 texts per hour from a memorable 5-digit number.

Peer to Peer Texting

Engage people in high-speed one-to-one conversation over text, nurture interest in your product or cause and get them to take action. Details of conversations are collected on survey forms and synced with your database.

Save frequent replies as templates

Avoid the trouble of retyping messages by using pre-saved responses that can be edited before being sent.


Reassign contacts

Ensure that every contact is engaged by removing contacts from inactive agents and assigning them to agents who are actively sending out texts. Live reports on agent activity makes the job of reassigning easier.

Track responses

Capture the details of every conversation on survey forms and sync them with your CRM.


Control outreach rate with Adaptive Texting

Control how fast you want texts to go out depending on how many agents you have sending texts.


Better conversations over voice and text

Organize contacts with Tags

Organize your contact list and group people into categories by tagging them based on behaviour or preferences. Eg. volunteer, donor, prospect

Contextual conversations

Give agents more context into the contact by displaying additional data fields from your CRM or collecting more details during the conversation.

Personalized messaging

Use the information you have on contacts to personalize call scripts and text messages.

Verify phone numbers

Weed out bad numbers from your list before a call center or text campaign.

Schedule campaign hours

Schedule your automated messages days or weeks in advance. For calling and peer to peer texting campaigns, schedule operational hours to make sure agents don’t contact people at the wrong time.

Privacy settings

Reveal as much or as little contact data as you like to agents. Agent information is not revealed by default.





Real-time integrations

One-click integrations to bring in lists, surveys and tags from CRMs like Nationbuilder, Action Network and Blackbaud. Updated contact information and survey responses are instantly synced with your CRM.

View household members

View people in the household for each contact. Data from your lists is used to identify household members and group them together.

View history of interactions

Agents can see the details of previous interactions with a contact over phone calls and text messages.

Distribute organizing with sub-accounts

Allocate funds and control campaign strategy from a central account while giving local organizers the ability to recruit volunteers and run local outreach efforts.

Take surveys

Track the details of your phone and text conversations and sync responses with your CRM. Connect your CRM to collect event RSVPs.

Group into teams

Group agents into teams and assign teams to call and text campaigns instead of individually assigning agents. Use embedded forms to let new recruits automatically join a team.

Recruit agents quickly

Takes less than a minute for new agents to sign up and make calls or send texts. Agents can fill out a form on your website or click a unique email link to get added to campaigns.

Send instant notifications

Share time-sensitive updates with your agents.

Unlimited agent accounts

Recruit as many volunteers as you need. There is no limit on the number of agent seats you can add.

Remote agents

Agents can join a campaign from anywhere in the world and send out messages right from their browser.

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Make data-driven decisions to stay on track of outreach goals. Track call and text activity across time, monitor agent performance and filter results for targeted follow-up campaigns.

Call & Text Reach

Track the number of calls made and texts sent, see how many of your messages result in conversations and view messaging frequency to make sure you are not contacting people too often.

Agent activity

Track agent and team performance with leaderboards, compare two or more agents and see how many people you’re recruiting.

Campaign Reports

In-depth look at calls and texts to help you filter through results and create targeted lists for follow-up outreach.

APIs & Webhooks

Use API’s and Webhooks to connect CallHub to your website, database or analytics platform.

Quick response time

Our team of support engineers are on hand at all times to help you resolve any issues that might arise. We also have detailed documentation on our Help Center.

Effortless usage

More than 20,000 agents between ages 18 and 80 use CallHub to make calls and send texts. We know to keep things simple.

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