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Manage your appointment reminders, healthcare alerts, and staff notifications with SMS.

Run phone banks for your election campaign to assess voter sentiment, organize events, collect voter data, and for fundraising appeals. The computer telephony integration lets your volunteers join from anywhere in the world and make calls through their phone or browser. You can add phone banking scripts plus surveys and notes to collect data. All voter data collected is instantly synced with your campaign CRM software or can be segmented within CallHub for future targeted campaigns.

Create unlimited volunteer calling accounts to scale up your campaign outreach. Easily manage large groups of volunteers by grouping them into teams and assigning teams to calling campaigns.

Call cell phones and stay in compliance with FCC regulations. Volunteers use their own devices to make calls while using CallHub’s interface to record the interactions during calls.

Choose from three automated dialers including Predictive Dialer, Power Dialer, and Preview Dialer for faster and cheaper calling campaigns.

Connect voters to policymakers. Reach out to supporters, prep them with the right message, and connect them with their representatives. Turn everyday citizens into political activists to bring attention to the issues that you care about.

Deliver your pre-recorded message to hundreds of thousands of voters. Political robocalls let you spread the word about your campaign, rally your troops for events, send out updates to supporters, take opinion polls with Press 1 campaigns, and relay get out the vote messages. You can reach a large number of voters in the shortest time without waiting for free phone lines. With the Smart Scheduler, all your messages can go out at the best times to reach your audience.

Establish a local presence for your political robocalls by automatically changing your CallerID to match the location of your contacts. Increase your engagement rates by upto 20%.

Easily enable do-not-call in your political robocalling campaigns. Contacts choosing do not call will be added to the DNC list and not contacted for future campaigns. You can create your own DNC lists or import your list into CallHub.

Create custom polls in minutes. Measure sentiment or collect feedback from voters with upto 10 polling questions per call. Analyze your responses and conversion rate with the daily reports.

Intelligently detect answering machines and play a different recorded audio message or hangup the call when detected.

SMS text messages are a simple, quick, and personal platform to reach out to your voters. Use text messages to send out voter reminders, campaign updates, organize for events, polling, and for voter data collection. Custom Fields let you create personalized text messages to send out to your contacts at the scheduled time. Handle responses to your text messages by setting up automatic responses based on keywords in replies.

Build your voter database by setting up automatic prompts for people opting in to your text campaign. Ask questions, collect data points, and identify volunteers through a sequence of interactive text messages.

Follow up on replies to your text messages with automatic responses. Filter and segment incoming messages based on keywords.

Publish your keyword and phone number at your event and have people opt in to receive your campaign text messages.

The Smart Scheduler analyzes your phonebook to predict the best time slots to schedule your Voice Broadcast and Call Center campaigns. Save time on manual scheduling, maximize engagement for your outreach campaigns, and increase reach rate by more than 10%.

Keep track of your campaign and measure campaign progress from the analytics dashboard. Get data on campaign reach, agent activity and performance. Track metrics, set performance goals and proactively identify problems with running campaigns.

CallHub integrates with popular campaigning and business tools to help you share data across platforms and run multi-channel campaigns. Bi-directional data sharing ensures that you can seamlessly import contacts, surveys, events, tags and more into CallHub and instantly sync campaign activity back to your CRM software.

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