OSDI Integration | CallHub

Sync all your data

CallHub's OSDI adoption allows you to share all your data from events, contact profiles, and lists across OSDI implementers. Pull data from your CRM, run your outreach campaigns on CallHub and export modified data to a third party vendor. OSDI allows your campaign to move beyond bi-directional integrations to cross-platform integration with multiple software tools.

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Action Network Integration

Import your data from Action Network for voice and sms campaigns inside CallHub. Updates to Action Network events and contact profiles during outreach campaigns are instantly synced with the CRM.

MarriageHero Integration

Use  Action Network, CallHub, and MarriageHero together to identify, organise and manage your volunteers. Import your contact list from ActionNetwork – Identify supporters with phone banking – Trigger email and SMS for volunteer onboarding with MarriageHero.

Integration features

List Imports

Import your lists of people and events into CallHub. Imported Lists and People will be displayed as CallHub Phonebooks and CallHub Contacts respectively.


Event imports

Import your events into CallHub and use them in Call Center campaigns as survey questions. For example, to collect RSVPs. 

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