Teams for Volunteer Management for Phone Banking - CallHub

Managing large number of volunteers or agents is now easier with CallHub Teams for Volunteer Management.

Create Teams

Assign them to campaigns

Create an unlimited number of teams in your account. These teams can have any number of volunteers assigned to them. Assign a team to a Phone Banking campaign instead of individual volunteers.


Assign Agents to Teams

Organise your agents into logical groups

Volunteer management is simplified by grouping them by the campaigns they would be on. These grouped volunteers would form a team. On CallHub, you can assign this team to a campaign. A volunteer can join a team at any time during the campaign.

A volunteer can be a part of more than one team.

Let Volunteers choose their own teams

For large political campaigns where people volunteer to phone bank, it's easier to create a web form through which they can sign up and register for phone banking campaigns. On CallHub, you can even allow them to select their team so that they automatically become part of campaigns assigned to that team.

Use CallHub APIs to create your own custom sign up form.

Embeddable Sign up forms

If building your own custom form is not viable use ours. Our form is embeddable into any web page. Automatically receive registrations for your phone banking campaigns.


Unlimited Volunteer Accounts

Get unlimited number of agent seats or volunteer accounts for free.

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NationBuilder integration

Get Volunteers to call your NationBuilder lists.

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