Prospect Research Profile Template to Understand a Prospect’s Giving Capacity

Create a complete profile of individual and corporate prospects, from basic personal information to philanthropic indicators. This guide has ready and free templates.

Know your prospects thoroughly with these research profile templates

Smart donation appeals tap into a prospect’s interests and ask for the amount they would be happy to contribute. This is true of individuals as well as big organizations. You need a complete profile of prospects for these data points. This guide helps you with the templates. For individual prospects, we cover

  • Personal information
  • Education, and employment information
  • Family information
  • Wealth indicators
  • Philanthropic indicators

For corporates, we cover

  • Basic information
  • Network
  • Wealth indicators
  • Philanthropic indicators

BONUS! Giving capacity calculator for donation indicator.

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What’s in this guide?

Donor profile

Start at the very basic (name) and work your way towards education and work history, family, personal & professional affiliations, asset ownership, and 30+ more data points.

Corporate/foundation profile

Create a well-rounded and complete profile of your target corporate with 20+ data points including annual revenue, stock ownership, CSR programs, nonprofit affiliations, and more.

Profile templates

Detailed profile templates containing basic and advanced datasets. We have included separate templates for individual prospects and corporate prospects.