A Political Campaign Checklist to Guide you Through your Campaigning Efforts.

It’s easy to miss out on something (even something super important) in the rush of your election campaign. With this checklist, that worry is a thing of the past.

Your A-Z political campaign checklist

A campaign checklist that ensures you cover everything before the big day. We start at the research phase and end after the election day.
The guide includes pointers for:

  • Research

– from laws to win number and more
– Developing a slogan and message for your campaign
– Registrations and announcement

  • Campaigning

– Voter identification
– Volunteer recruitment
– Voter persuasion

  • Post-campaigning phase

– Things to do 2-3 days before election day
– Things to do on election day
– Things to do after election day

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What’s in this checklist?

Pre-campaigning phase

We begin at the research stage and include pointers for everything from knowing the latest rules of the election to candidate announcement channels. This part of the checklist is best suited for months before the election day.

Campaigning phase

This is when you identify, nurture and persuade supporters to vote for you. Our checklist includes vital pointers about communication channels, volunteer training, appeals, event styles and more.

Post-campaigning phase

With elections just days away, you need everything in place, in time. Our checklist covers pointers about campaign literature, phonebanking, GOTV details and press releases, fund management etc. after election day.