We publish blog posts that provide actionable advice, perspectives or guidance to individuals in the nonprofit and advocacy space.

Topic Guidelines

We encourage a broad range of topics relevant to our audiences, but specifically we look for content that covers:

• Nonprofit marketing and communication
• Advocacy
• Leveraging technology to improve organizational outcomes

General approaches (e.g. email fundraising best practices) and specific approaches (e.g. email fundraising best practices for schools) are both encouraged.

To submit an article, please send in the topic you wish to cover and a short summary of the article. The summary should convey who the article is meant for and how readers will benefit from it.

Once we finalize the topic, we’ll discuss a publication date that aligns with our editorial calendar and your schedule. Along with your submission, send us a bio (around 60 words) and a recent photo of yourself.

General Guest Post Guidelines

 – Make sure the topic you have chosen is not already covered on the CallHub blog. 

– Submissions should ideally be 1000-2000 words long.

– Break the text into small chunks, no para should exceed 50-80 words.

– Avoid generic sentences that fill up space without creating additional value. 

– Sub-headers should be explanatory. Avoid vague and generic headers. 

– Use lists/bullet points liberally.

Linking and Source Attribution
• Guest bloggers can link to your company’s website in your author bio and, if relevant, in the body of the post (feel free to link to educational content but avoid linking to specific products or services).
• Internal linking to other CallHub blog posts is encouraged and appreciated.

Reach out to [email protected] with your guest post pitch, and we will get back to you.