Product Update: CallHub agents as Action Network activists

Published on March 25, 2018
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With the new update to the Action Network integration, any new agents in CallHub are instantly added as activists to your Action Network group connected to CallHub. You can also add a tag to identify agents when creating a new agent account which will show up alongside the activist profile in Action Network.

How’s this useful?

Your agents are the people volunteering on behalf of your cause to make phone calls and send peer-to-peer text messages. While making it extremely easy for organizers to recruit volunteers from around the world, we also wanted organizers to have an easier time managing their volunteers. The update to the Action Network integration removes the hassle of creating new activist profiles for your volunteers in Action Network. With every new agent in CallHub, a new activist profile is automatically created in your Action Network group.

CallHub Agents as Action Network Activist Profiles view activist panel

While creating new agents, you can make it easier to segment them within your group by adding an Action Network tag. Say you’re adding a text banking volunteer. Simply add a tag that says “text_banking_activist” and the tag will be added to the newly created activist profile in Action Network.

This update to Action  Network tags follows up on a trail of expanding capabilities for the TAGS feature. You can use tags to categorize your survey responses (call center and Collective Texting), assign ‘tags’, to individual contacts based on Call dispositions, and tag people who opt-in to your SMS sign up campaigns.