Send Voice and SMS messages to your NGP VAN contacts

CallHub integrates bidirectionally with NGP VAN. Import your VAN surveys into CallHub to be used in phone banking campaigns. Use VAN Activist Codes to tag your Voice and SMS contacts. All activity instantly syncs back into NGP VAN.

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Sync Surveys

Import your surveys from NGP VAN to be used with phone banking campaigns inside CallHub. Updates to VAN Surveys during outreach campaigns are instantly synced with NGP VAN.

Assign Activist Code

Assign your VAN Activist Code tags to Voice and SMS campaigns. If you have Activist Codes for different locations or issues, assign the location or issue based tag within your phone banking, text, or voice broadcast campaign to easily segment your contacts.

Integration features

Import Survey Questions and Activist Codes

Import your VAN Survey Questions and Activist Codes into CallHub. Imported Survey Questions can be added to phone banking campaigns. You can also choose to add Activist Codes to VAN Contacts when configuring the Call Center Campaign. 


Add surveys to Phone Banking campaign

When you create a Phone Banking Campaign, you can add one or more Survey Questions from VAN and ask volunteers (call center agents) to collect Canvass Responses during the calls to voters (VAN Contacts).


Activist Codes for Sent and Received SMS

When creating your SMS campaign, Activist Code can be set for VAN Contacts that were contacted via SMS text message and for VAN Contacts that responded to your message.


Activist Codes for Voice Broadcasts

When you create a Voice Broadcast Campaign, you can select an imported Activist Code. VAN Contacts that are contacted via the Voice Broadcast campaign will be marked with the chosen Activist Code back in VAN.