Short Codes Texting to grow mobile list & send upto 100 texts/sec

What are short codes?

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit telephone number that is used to send and receive SMS messages to and from a cellphone.

Unlike a 10-digit telephone number that places strict restrcitions on texts sent from it, short codes can deliver large volumes of SMS texts reliably.

CallHub currently offers short codes in the US.


What is a keyword?

A keyword is the first word sent in a text message to a short code, acting as the opt-in to a mobile list.

In “Text JOIN to 33339”, JOIN is the keyword and 33339 is the short-code.


When should you use a short code?

If you’re trying to build a mobile list

Short codes consist of 5 or 6 digits, making them instantly memorable. After the initial opt-in where you collect the mobile number, CallHub let’s you create automated SMS follow-ups to collect details like name, email and zipcode.


If you’re trying to text large groups

Short codes let you send up to 360,000 texts per hour.

If your are currently using a 10-digit telephone number to send more than a few hundred texts per day

10-digit numbers are meant for conversations through personal phones or via peer to peer texting. If you send repetitive texts to multiple people over a 10-digit number, they can get marked as spam. This isn’t a problem with short codes since they come pre-approved by carriers to handle high volume and time-sensitive messages.

What are the different types of short codes?

Shared Short Codes

A shared short code is shared between multiple organizations, making it cost-efficient and faster to get started with. But your pool of keywords is limited to those not already chosen by another customer (see image).

While a dedicated short code costs $500 - $1000 and takes 8 - 12 weeks to start using, a shared short in the US costs around $25 and you can start using it in a day.

To get a shared short codes within CallHub, submit a request after you create a free account.


Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code gives you sole access to the short code, allowing you to create unlimited keywords at no additional cost. They come in two types, Random Short Codes and Vanity Short Codes.

Random Short Codes

You have no control over the number assigned to you. They cost around $500 per month.

Vanity Short Codes

You choose the number you want, usually a series of repetitive numbers that are easy to remember. Vanity short codes cost around $1000 per month.

To get a dedicated short code, place a request from your account after sign up.


Uses of SMS short code


Reach a large audience quickly

Send up to 100 texts/second. That’s 360,000 texts in an hour. Ideal for time-sensitive campaigns that have to reach a large audience quickly.









Collect phone number and email

Follow up with people who opt-in with automated messages that collect name, email, zipcode and more.





Send subscribers to your contact management software

Create a new profile in your contact management software as soon as someone opts in using the short code. Any additional details like name and email are also added.


Run multiple campaigns side-by-side

Use multiple keywords to take people along different opt-in flows. Eg. Use the keyword, RALLY to get people to subscribe to events near their area, CHANGE, to run a survey, and GIVE, for collecting donations.



How to stay complaint with short codes

In the US, the TCPA and CTIA have guidelines you can follow to stay compliant when sending texts. CallHub vets every customer to make sure their messaging aligns with these guidelines. While using a short code, our texting tool helps you stay compliant my making it easy to:

Collect permission to message a person
Display useful instructions during opt-in
Offer clear opt-out instructions
Acknowledge opt-out requests


How to get a short code

A shared short code only takes a day to get started.

A dedicated short code takes 8-12 weeks since a new number has to be released by the US Short Code Registry which we then set up for you through CallHub.

Place a request for a shared short code or a dedicated short code after you sign up.


How do I move from an existing short code

Migrating your US short code from a different provider to CallHub takes 8-12 weeks. But if you're using the same carrier provider as CallHub, you can get started in a day. To get started with the migration, submit a request from your account after sign up.


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