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How a French Political Campaign tracked Volunteer Recruitment with CallHub Analytics

Published: Nov 28, 2017

Volunteers, passionate engaged volunteers.

They form the crux of political campaigns, going out into communities and making calls to voters to get people rooting for your candidate. Every political campaign needs a strategy to recruit these volunteers and make sure they do their part for the campaign. While your volunteers bring soul and energy to the campaign, effective volunteer management is crucial to ensure that your political campaign can recruit and get the best out of them.

A French Political campaign used CallHub to run their political calling campaigns for the 2017 French presidential elections. The campaign recruited more than 4000 agents from across the country of which more than 1500 volunteers were actively making calls to voters. In a span of 3 months, they reached more than 100,000 voters through CallHub.

CallHub analytics was pivotal to tracking volunteer recruitment, and performance of volunteers making calls.

The need for monitoring volunteer recruitment

Political campaigns need to scale up or down in a matter of days. One week, you’ll need a handful of volunteers for voter id calls, and the next, you’ll need hundreds of volunteers for GOTV efforts.

Tracking volunteer recruitment keeps your recruitment initiatives aligned with calling requirements. If volunteer recruitment drives are not bearing fruit, you need to be aware of it at the earliest.

Analytics answers a few important questions for your political campaign:

  1. Are your recruitment drives bearing fruit?
  2. Do you have enough volunteers to meet calling requirements?
  3. Are recruited agents making enough calls?
  4. How are individual volunteers performing?

By answering these questions, CallHub Analytics keeps volunteer recruitment on track with political calling.

How monitoring is achieved through CallHub Analytics

Agent Recruitment


View the number of agents recruited over specific time frames. Have a big calling campaign this week? Check the graph to measure volunteer intake.

Agent Activity


Make sure that volunteers are actively engaged in making calls. The graph shows you the number of volunteers making calls on each day of the campaign.


CallHub Agent call center Leaderboard

CallHub Agent call center Leaderboard

Pinpoint the people doing the most for your campaign. The leaderboard lists your volunteers with details on calls made by each individual. If you have Teams set up within CallHub, you can view their performance on the Team Leaderboards.

Agent Comparisonagent-comparison

Compare the performance of individual agents. Some of your agents make a ton of calls while maintaining a low average talk time. Some other make few calls, spending a lot more time on each call. Analytics lets you monitor how each of your agents is making calls and helps you decide which strategy gives the best return for your political campaign.

Check out your campaign analytics right now and see how your campaigns are performing.

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