pledge fundraising tips

4 Fantastic Pledge Fundraising Tips For Your Nonprofit

So you’re in charge of your nonprofits fundraising campaign and you’re looking for some pledge…

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How To Write The Perfect End Of Year Fundraising Email

It’s that wonderful time of year when Christmas lights and gifts abound, and folks are…

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5 Ways to Utilize Technology in Your Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising can be a stressful endeavor. After all, you need to find potential donors, perform…

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school fundraising

How To Improve Your School Fundraising Efforts

In 2014, Foxcroft School received a planned gift of $40 million from an alumna –…

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How to talk to donors about planned giving

How to talk to donors about planned giving (and win them over!)

*TRINNGGG* *TRRRIINNGGG* Martha (a Major Donor): Hello? You (a Non Profit Fundraising Professional): Hello Martha,…

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How to Organize a Kick-ass Party for your Fundraiser (6 Pro Tips!)

Getting people together for a party is a surefire way of ensuring that everyone has…

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4 Charity Event Ideas That Don’t Always Work for Fundraisers

Having organized several fundraisers for your charity, you’re probably bored of the standard way of…

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how to plan a fundraising event

How To Plan A Successful Fundraising Event ( Template Included! )

Nonprofit professionals swear by events as one of the best ways to raise money for…

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Text to donate small nonprofits header

Text to Donate for Small Nonprofits—Everything You Need to Know

Raising donations is an important part of a nonprofit’s goals—even more so if the nonprofit…

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Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising Strategies For Small Nonprofits

As a nonprofit fundraiser, it’s easy to get carried away and think big! There are…

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