30+ Fundraising Giving Tuesday Script Samples to Ease Your Job

Last Updated March 29, 2024

As Giving Tuesday approaches, you want to focus on acquiring prospects and nurturing them to donate. That is the most crucial aspect of your fundraisers. 

If you use emails, texts, social media posts, and phone calls as touchpoints, wouldn’t you rather agents spend their time nurturing prospects than drafting solicitation messages?

We know that’s why you’re here—for the readymade scripts that will ease your job.

This blog covers how to announce Giving Tuesday and 30+ fundraising Giving Tuesday script samples that you can copy and paste or edit to use. We will cover scripts tailored to periods before, during, and after Giving Tuesday for the following channels:

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Phone calls.

We conclude the article with some best practices that will elevate your campaign. Let’s begin.

Fundraising Giving Tuesday script samples

Any fundraising script follows a considerably uniform pattern of introduction, context adding, ask, and conclusion. 

The introduction, while short, sets the tone for the conversation. Adding context (main body) will take the longest time before the highest value part, the ask, comes up. 

Of course, there are branches to these scripts, like objections, questions, and doubts, but they can appear either during context-setting or after the ask. 

The conclusion is typically a thank you note—for their contribution or time. Here’s a breakdown of the elements of a Giving Tuesday fundraising script.


A suggested timeframe and breakdown for your Giving Tuesday fundraising scripts.

Text message fundraising Giving Tuesday script samples

10-15 days before Giving Tuesday

Give Crystal Ball Sticker by GivingTuesday for iOS & Android | GIPHY
Hi {first_name}, Giving Tuesday is around the corner! We will run our biggest fundraiser yet on Nov 29. Excited to join? Check out {link} for more details.
Save The Date, {first_name}. #GivingTuesday is on Nov 29, and we need support from donors like you. Ready to make a change? Visit {link} for more info.
Hey {first_name}, Giving Tuesday is on Nov 29. We need support from long-time donors like you to raise funds in these 24 hours. Visit {link} for all details.
Hi {first_name}, {organization} charity is participating in Giving Tuesday 2022. We raise maximum funds in these 24 hours for optimum impact. Will you join us this year? {link} for info. 

1-7 days before Giving Tuesday

Hey {first_name}, we are aiming to raise $x this #GivingTuesday. Your support will help us reach there. Just 7 more days to go! Details on {link} 
Hi {first_name}, Giving Tuesday is only 48 hours away! Your support will help us reach $x. Would you donate $y to get us there? (Details on {link})
24 hours for the most impactful 24 hours! {first_name}, Giving Tuesday is TOMORROW! Will you help us by donating $x? Visit {link} to set a reminder.

On Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is here! {first_name}, can you help us by giving $x? Our 24 hours have begun! Visit {link} to donate and make an impact. 
Hey {first_name}, just 11 hours remaining! Haven’t donated yet? Visit {link} to help up reach our $x goal. (We’re halfway there!) 
ONLY 2 HOURS TO GO! {first_name}, we only need {amount} to reach our $x goal. You can help us get there! Visit {link} to donate now!

After Giving Tuesday

Phew, what an exciting day! We achieved our goal of $x on Giving Tuesday. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for your continued support 
Hi {first_name}, your support helped us collect $x on Giving Tuesday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.
Hey {first_name}, you helped us collect $x on Giving Tuesday. Thank you for your continued support. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Email fundraising Giving Tuesday script samples

10-15 days before Giving Tuesday

Hey {first_name},

{organization_name} is always striving to bring change and make an impact on <field of work>. This would be impossible without continued support from amazing donors like you.

We’re nearing the end of the year, and as you may know, Nov 29 is Giving Tuesday. {organization_name}, like every year, is participating too. This year, we aim to up the ante and raise $x. This is an ambitious goal considering last year’s goal. 

But we achieved that goal with flying colors, and this year too, we hope to replicate the results.
Would you help us get there?

This year, we’re sharing the joy with our major donors if we achieve the goal. As part of this, 

1. We will add every contributor’s name to the donor wall.
2. Donors who gave <$250 will get a personalized plush toy.
3. Donors who gave <$500 will get a goodie bag.
4. Donors who gave <$1000 will get a free 2-night stay in a 5-star hotel.
5. All donors would be eligible for a lucky draw to a 4-day paid vacation in Hawaii!

Are you excited to join us and win? Register yourself on {link} to set a reminder for #GivingTuesday.

Your support is appreciated.

Hi {first_name},

Remember last year’s Giving Tuesday? Donors like you came together and helped us raise $x. That was the highest amount {organization} has raised in 24 hours. And YOU made that happen!

So there was no doubt that we would participate in #GivingTuesday this year. We’re eagerly waiting for Nov 29, and we aim to collect $x. Would you help us?

{Giving Tuesday image}

There are exciting prizes to be won too! Last year, our bumper prize was a drone camera. Can you guess what we’ll give away this year?

Register yourself on {link} to find out.

Join us this international day of giving and help us make a strong impact this #GivingTuesday. Visit {link} for more details.

Hey {first_name},

Each year, {organization_name} tries to top the previous year and create a meaningful impact. This year, we successfully (mention the top 3-4 impacts made).

But the year isn’t over yet.

We have another month to go, and we want to make it count. Giving Tuesday is the global day of giving, and {organization_name} is participating! In
these 24 hours, we aim to raise $x and make it the highest collection month yet!

Would you help us get there? 

Giving Tuesday is on Nov 29. Please save the date! Your support and contributions mean everything to us.

We’ve set a reminder for Giving Tuesday on {link}. You will also see a fundraising thermometer there on Nov 29. Register now, so you don’t miss out.


Emails to send 1-7 days before Giving Tuesday

Hello {first_name},

In our pursuit to create continued and sustainable impact, {organization_name} initiates and participates in many events, fundraisers, and galas. Giving Tuesday is perhaps the fastest-paced event of them all.

This year, #GivingTuesday is on Nov 29 (Just 7 days to go!), and we are excited to announce our goal of raising $x within those 24 hours.

Would you join us? Your support means everything to us.

As part of the impact, {organization_name} plans to (mention the impact you want to create with the raised dollars).

We’re joining hundreds of organizations in a united effort to create a meaningful impact. Would you join us?

Visit {link} for further details about our vision and participation in Giving Tuesday.

Looking forward to your support, 
Hey {first_name},

Giving Tuesday is in 5 days! Are you as excited as we are? This year, we aim to raise $x within these 24 hours. And it will not be possible without your support. Would you consider donating?

$50 can (mention impact)$100 can (mention impact)$200 can (mention impact)$500 can (mention impact).

We also have fun prizes planned for all our donors if we reach our collection goal. Will you help us get there?

Share this post {post link} with your friends and get them to contribute too! 

Hope to see you there,

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On Giving Tuesday

Hey {first_name},

Everyone is here, where are you?

Giving Tuesday has started! Yes, the most anticipated, exciting, and fast-paced 24 hours of the year have begun, and we’re waiting for you.

We cannot achieve our goal of $x without you. Would you consider donating?

◉ $50 can (mention impact)
◉ $100 can (mention impact)
◉ $200 can (mention impact)
◉ $500 can (mention impact).

We only have 10 more hours to go! Click on {link} to donate now, and don’t miss out on creating the most significant impact of the year.

Hope to see you there soon,
Hey {first_name},

JUST 3 HOURS TO GO! Giving Tuesday has almost ended. We have reached 90% of our goal of $x, but we need your support in getting through that last mile. Just $y more to go. 

Would you help us?

Your contribution of {amount} will make this the biggest fundraiser of the year. And there are prizes to be won!

Click on {link} to contribute now! Stand a chance to win (mention prizes) for your support.


Giving Tuesday thank you email sample

Sticker Give Sticker by GivingTuesday for iOS & Android | GIPHY
Hi {first_name},

Thank you for all your support.

We successfully collected $x on #GivingTuesday—which surpassed our goals! This wouldn’t have been possible without you. You have always been a strong supporter of {organization_name}, and we value your association with us.

These funds will help (mention impact). We are forever grateful for your contributions.

As promised, we will be sending your gifts via mail. Please confirm your address by visiting {link}.

Hey {first_name},

Giving Tuesday 2022 ended on a happy note for us. We successfully achieved our goal of $x within 24 hours. And this was possible only because of you.

We greatly appreciate your continued support. Your contributions have changed lives!

We could (list 3-5 biggest impacts) this year itself.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

All our best wishes,

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Social media post samples for Giving Tuesday fundraising

Example of an early start to #GivingTuesday2022. Source: Stichting Kenya Child Care/Facebook.

10-15 days before Giving Tuesday

10 days to go for #GivingTuesday! Are you excited to make a lasting impact this year? Help us in raising $x for causes that matter… Register now on {link} to be a #GivingTuesday contributor!
$x in 24 hours—can we do it? If we have your support, YES! #GivingTuesday is in 10 days! Will you help us reach our goals? Like, share and tag your friends and get them to join us! More the merrier, always 😀 
10 days to go for the most impactful 24 hours of the season. {organization_name} is participating in #GivingTuesday2022. Are you joining us? Comment YES to show support!

1-7 days before Giving Tuesday

The countdown has begun. 7 days until #GivingTuesday2022! We know you’re joining us. Get your friends and family too! Together, we can create a lasting impact and raise $x. Tag 3 friends and stand a chance to win a (brand) goodie bag!
2 more days for Giving Tuesday. This time, we aim to collect $x. Will you help us get there? Your support means everything to us. Like if you’ll donate, comment if you’re getting friends along too! 
Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! Are you as excited as we are? Tag your friends and show them the impact you will be creating. 24 hours to go for our most exciting 24 hours!

On Giving Tuesday

Only {number} hours left! We’ve already collected {amount}. Will you help us raise the rest? Donate on {link} now to create the largest impact in the shortest time!
${amount} from you can help us raise $x for (impact)! But, we only have 2 hours… Visit {link} NOW to donate. Quick, before time runs out!

After Giving Tuesday

A heartfelt thank you to all donors on #GivingTuesday. We successfully raised $x. Now, it’s time to raise a toast to you! Your support means the world to us <3
Congratulations to all who participated in #GivingTuesday2022! We managed to raise $x, and they will all go towards a great cause. Your support drives us to do more each year. Thank you for believing in us.

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Phone call scripts for Giving Tuesday

Note: Frequent phone calls can seem intrusive and can put off a prospect rather than nurturing them. Thus, we advise you to reserve phone calls for high-value touchpoints. Among these are

  1. A nurturing call about a week before Giving Tuesday (so you can spare time to discuss things at length and give them time to think it over).
  2. A thank you call after the fundraiser (as a way towards donor stewardship).

Pro-tip: Leave a follow-up text after your nurturing calls to share donation or information links. This gives your donors an easy way to give.  

With that, let’s move on to the scripts.

One week before Giving Tuesday

Hello, this is {agent_name} from {organization}. Am I speaking with {prospect name}?

(After confirming it is the right person)

Hi {first_name}, first off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support to the organization through the years. You’ve been an important part of {list 2-3 major causes} missions, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

(Allow them space to respond and acknowledge).

Today I am calling you to inform you about {organization_name}’s participation in Giving Tuesday 2022. Like every year, we hope to raise large amounts of funds in these 24 hours.  {first_name}, did you contribute to our last Giving Tuesday drive?

1. You contributed to our last Giving Tuesday drive and helped us get very close to our goal of $x. We managed to raise $y—which is still a massive amount. Thank you for your support back then.
2. You missed the fundraiser last year, but that’s okay. If the message didn’t reach you last year, I’d like to tell you that we managed to raise $y last year, which was a little short of our goal but still a massive amount. 

This year, we’re getting even more ambitious. We aim to raise {the amount} on 29 Nov—which is Giving Tuesday. We plan to utilize these funds to (list the plans). We still have seven days. Would you like to contribute this year (or this year too)?

If yes: That’s great {first_name}. I’ll send you a link with all the details about the fundraiser right after this call.

If maybe: I understand. I’ll send you a link with all details about the fundraiser right after the call. You can make a decision based on the information. I’ll circle back in a couple of days. Would that be okay?

If no: Oh, that’s sad to hear. Do you have any specific objections or doubts? (Resolve them to your best capacity). I’ll still send a link with all the details. You can go through the information and make a decision. I do hope you change your mind.

Thank you for your time {first_name}. Have a good day ahead!

Note: A call center tool that allows in-house texting can ease the process of sending automated follow-up texts. Campaign managers can set up drafts and call dispositions while creating the campaign, and agents can pick the right draft or tweak it according to the conversation and hit send. That way, you don’t miss out on sending any information or follow-ups to any contacts.

CallHub offers texting through the call center software. You can read all about it here

Thank you script after Giving Tuesday

Hello, this is {agent_name} from {organization}. Am I speaking with {prospect name}?

(After confirming it is the right person)

Hey {first_name}, I have great news! Our Giving Tuesday ended with a bang. We raised $x, which was higher than our original ask! This was all thanks to amazing supporters like you who contributed to a great cause. Congratulations!

(Wait for a response and acknowledge).

As promised, we’re giving away {mention prizes} to donors who gave above {amount}. Your gifts are on the way! But this call was just to thank you personally for your continued support. We really appreciate your association with us. Thank you again, and have a great day ahead! Bye.

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Notice how the themes and asks are similar, if not identical, throughout all the channels. Maintaining that uniformity is essential, so each touchpoint acts as a nudge. The amounts will change by the person, but they should be uniform throughout channels for one individual. 

With that, let’s look at more best practices for Giving Tuesday fundraising touchpoints.

Best practices for Giving Tuesday fundraising touchpoints

Here are some best practices to follow during your Giving Tuesday fundraising asks.

1. Start with a soft launch

Start social media and text broadcast campaigns as a soft launch to the main day. This creates awareness among your contacts, so they know the basics when you make the first personal contact.

Your messaging and communication channels should align with the aim of the soft launch.

2. Add a CTA to each script

Make sure you have a Call To Action in every fundraising script. A CTA does not necessarily mean a solicitation. It can also mean asking contacts to click on a link. 

For every campaign, getting contacts to take even small actions—like clicking on a link—can nurture them towards the next ask or action.

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3.  Use hashtags in every fundraising script

Utilize hashtags in all your Giving Tuesday scripts. For emails and social media, the hashtags provide easy discoverability. Use two types of hashtags in your scripts:

  • Trending relevant hashtags that will show your posts even if a person searches from another source.
  • Hashtags unique to your organization, so people searching for your campaign specifically can find you easily.

Some popular Giving Tuesday hashtags are:


#GivingTuesday 2022 



4. Use Giving Tuesday images & videos when you can

Source: GivingTuesday.org

The Giving Tuesday organization designs images and videos that help branding and easy identification every year. Images and videos are more engaging than text. Adding them to your social media posts, emails, or text messages (via MMS marketing) can help contacts relate to the campaign instantly and compel them to engage with your posts.

You can access the branding material here.

5. Choose the right multi-channel software 

Last but not least, choose a software that offers multiple contact points under a single roof. CallHub, for instance, has calling, texting, and email capabilities. This way, you can sort out your awareness, engagement, and gratitude touchpoints with one tool. 

Book a demo with our team now and see how CallHub can help your nonprofit.

Feature image source: GivingTuesdayOrg.