Automatic replies

Follow up with contacts who respond to your mass texting campaign with automatic responses. Replies can change based on how your contacts respond.


One to one Interactions

Interact one-to-one with contacts who respond to your mass texting campaign. Where automatic replies seem impersonal, you can directly engage contacts from the CallHub dashboard.

Personalised Messaging

Use merge tags to personalize your mass texting campaigns. The tags will be replaced by corresponding details in the contact profile.


Campaign Reports

Measure the effectiveness of your mass texting campaigns with CallHub reports. We use natural language processing algorithms to classify every response you get for your bulk texts.

CRM Integrations

Integrate mass texting campaigns with your CRM for seamless data sharing. For example, have survey responses and event RSVPs flow into your CRM, tag contacts with the NationBuilder integration and more.

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Alphanumeric Sender ID

Set your brand or company name as the sender ID for your mass texting campaigns to supported countries. For example, instead of a phone number show “CallHub".

pay per message

No subscription fee! Pay as you go

  • Rates
    CountryPer-Outbound TextPer-Inbound Text
    United StatesUSD 0.034USD 0.012

    Buy local numbers at USD 2 per month

  • Example usage cost
    # Text messagesTotal Cost
    1000USD 36
    5000USD 172
    100000USD 3402



Use mass texts to reach hundred of thousands of voters in seconds. Send out campaign updates, event invitations, donation requests, and GOTV reminders.


Reach out to your supporters over mass texts with event details, campaign updates, alerts, reminders, and call to actions.


Use mass texting campaigns to raise awareness about issues, solicit donations, promote events, and organize your volunteers.


Engage customers and leads with mass texting. Send out sales promotions, marketing campaigns, discount coupons, and appointment reminders.


Connect with your congregation through daily verses. Send out service reminders, announcements, and updates with the mass texting software.


Alert the campus about class cancellations and upcoming events. Use SMS to connect with your alumni, and solicit donations.


Inform parents about class cancellations and emergency alerts. Use mass texting to send out important reminders and events updates.


Minimize no shows through SMS appointment reminders. Keep in touch with patients with alerts for test results, recurring checkups and prescription refills with mass texting.

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