Phone Message Service

Reach all your contacts in one go. Get started with your phone message campaign in under a minute.

Spread the word with CallHub Phone Message Service

A phone message service lets you send out hundreds of thousands of voice messages in one click. Don’t waste time dialing individual numbers to reach contacts and convey your message. Let the CallHub phone message service do the dialing, and automatically play the pre-recorded message for each contact. Use it to send out product updates and reminders, conduct polls, capture lead information, and collect feedback.


Quick start your Phone Message campaigns

step 1

Sign Up

Sign up with your email. You’ll get an email with a verification link. Visit the link and validate your phone number to start using CallHub.

step 2

Import contacts and Upload Audio

Use a CSV or integration to import your contacts into CallHub. Follow up by recording or uploading the audio files you want to use in calling campaigns.

step 3

Create and schedule

Create you voice broadcast campaign and add the contact list and audio messages to the campaign. Schedule it for the desired date and time.

step 4

Start making calls

Send a test call to a known number to check your phone message. If all’s well, click start and calls will go out at the scheduled time.


Local Presence ID

Contacts see a local number on their Caller ID when receiving your phone message.

Answering Machine Detection

Hangup the call or leave a different audio file when an answering machine is detected.


Text to Speech

Skip recording an audio file. The text-to-speech engine converts your typed text into a natural sounding voice message.

Call Reports

Detailed reports for your phone message campaigns coupled with live analytics on calls.

Multiple Transfer options

Use digits from 0 to 9 to set transfer options for your phone message. Transfer to a live representative, let contact leave a voicemail, or take number feedback.

Manage Do Not Call

Enable Do Not Call on your phone messages. Contacts on the DNC list will not be contacted.

Call Scheduling

Schedule the exact time you want phone messages to go out or use the Smart Scheduler to predict the best time slots.


Personalised Messaging

Use tags (eg. {first_name}) to personalize your phone calls when using text-to-speech. Tags are replaced by individual details from your contact.

Integrations tie it all together





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