SMS Data Collection

Use automatic text interactions to collect contact data from subscribers following the SMS opt-in.



Expansive data collection

SMS data collection lets you collect an unlimited number of custom data points or use eleven preset prompts including name, email, city, job title and more to build your campaign database.

Automated workflows

Set up automatic prompts for follow-up questions based on replies. Automatically retry prompts for unresponded or inaccurate responses.


Interactive conversations

Once your supporters have opted into your campaign, interact with them and collect data through a sequence of personalized messages.

How SMS Data Collection helps your campaign

Publish a phone number at your event and ask people to text your keyword to that number. CallHub will automatically gather their information through a sequence of interactive text messages and build detailed contact profiles for each supporter.


Expand your voter database

Use opt-in text messaging to build on your voter list and expand your voter database. Have supporters opt-in using your published keyword and follow up with questions about the contact and the issues they care about.


Micro-targeting and voter modeling

Use data collected through sign-up campaigns to personalize your phone banking, voice, and SMS outreach. Filter your database to create micro-targeted Voice and SMS outreach campaigns and voter models based on age, location, city or any other data set collected using custom fields.

Grassroots campaigning

Get supporters for your grassroots political and advocacy campaigns. Run a text message marketing campaign inviting supporters to sign up to volunteer. Following the opt-in, you can enquire about subscriber interests and political persuasions to automatically gather contact data and segment your volunteers.

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Measure effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns with CallHub reports. We use natural language processing algorithms to classify every response you get for an SMS sign-up campaign.

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Set your brand or company name as the sender ID for your outbound campaigns to supported countries. For example, instead of a phone number show “CallHub”.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing plans to fit your usage. Pay as you go or choose plans for advanced features and discounts.

CRM integration

Integrate SMS sign-up campaigns with your CRM for seamless data sharing. For example, have survey responses and event RSVPs flow into your CRM, tag contacts with the NationBuilder integration and more.

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