Setup outreach campaigns and record all incoming messages in a simple dashboard.

Mobilize Quickly

CallHub is the only SMS marketing software that supports 200+ international countries for text messaging.

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Sign up campaigns

Scale your phonebook through mass SMS sign up campaigns on CallHub.

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Automatic replies

Use keywords to filter responses for event RSVPs or polling.

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NationBuilder Integration

Integrate your SMS campaigns into NationBuilder and tag contacts instantly.

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Measure Effectiveness

You'll want to know if your marketing campaign was positively or negatively received. You can now measure how effective your SMS campaigns are in CallHub.

We use natural language processing algorithms to classify every response you get for a SMS marketing campaign.

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Use a name instead of a number as the sender ID for your outbound campaigns in many countries. E.g., instead of a phone number, show "CallHub"