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SMS and Text Message Marketing to connect with people on the go

Text message marketing makes sure your messages are seen and read. Send out a text to thousands at once with mass texting, collect phone numbers by letting people opt-in, or engage people in a 2 way conversation.

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Get started in less than 5mins with text message marketing

Easy and friendly design

CallHub was designed to help you get started with SMS marketing in a matter of minutes. No prior knowledge or setup required. With a browser and an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Always there to help

Our team of support engineers are on hand at all times if you need help.We also have detailed documentation and guides to help you get stuff done your own way.

Pay as you go pricing

Simply recharge your account when you want to send more texts without worrying about subscription costs. If you decide to take a break with SMS marketing, your credits will be waiting when you come back.

Broadcast text messages to your entire audience

Upload your list, write your text message, schedule a time and hit START. That’s all it takes to have your reminders, promotions, event invites and discounts reach your audience in their pocket. You can handle the replies manually or set up automated replies.

  • Collect permission to message a person
  • Display useful instructions during opt-in
  • Offer clear opt-out instructions
  • Acknowledge opt-out requests
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Grow your list by letting people opt-in via text

Publish your rented phone number (either a 5 digit short code or a 10-digit number) along with a keyword (eg. JOIN) to let people opt-in to your list for SMS updates. Set up automatic follow-up questions to collect their name, email and any other details you want to add to your database.

  • You can send a single, personalized text message to all your contact segments at once.
  • Text messages reach all your contacts immediately, which is great for time-sensitive messages.
Text to join sms marketing sample flow

Initiate action through 1-to-1 text conversations

Personal conversations have the power to drive action. Convincing prospects to get on a call, attend an event, donate to a cause or go out to vote needs a personal touch. Talk to more than 1000 people in the span of an hour through 2 way peer to peer texting.

  • Collect permission to message a person
  • Display useful instructions during opt-in
  • Offer clear opt-out instructions
  • Acknowledge opt-out requests
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Features for everything text message marketing

Easily collect and use data for targeted outreach

Filtering and grouping

Filter contacts based on the results of your SMS marketing campaigns, add them to groups and send targeted follow-up messages.

Data collection

Collect name, email, city, job title and more details from opt-ins through a series of automated interactions. CallHub builds a profile on the contact based on the details collected.

Merge fields

Add a personal touch to your texts by including individual contact details. Eg. Use "first_name" to add the recipients first name to your text instead of a generic “Hello”.

In-depth analytics

Track how many people see your texts with delivery reports, test different messaging by comparing response rates and keep on top of how many people opt-out of your SMS marketing.

Local numbers

Text people from a number that matches their area code. A local presence goes a long way to establishing trust with your audience.

Verify phone numbers

Clean up your phonebook to remove invalid numbers. We make sure bad numbers do not affect the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns or skew your analytics.

Automatic replies

Did a new contact join your SMS marketing list? Go ahead and set up an automated thank you message. You can change the reply based on how people respond.

Manage opt-outs

People who want to unsubscribe from texts can send STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE or other words that match the intent to stop texts. They are added to your opt out list and not contacted in the future.

Schedule in advance

Schedule your SMS marketing campaign to go out at a specific date and time. Going to be busy next month? Schedule multiple campaigns in advance.

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Start SMS Marketing with CallHub

Start SMS Marketing with CallHub

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