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  • How are political marketers adjusting to CTV advertising?

    Posted by bmf on May 7, 2024 at 4:51 pm

    With all the buzz around CTV platforms and the fact that almost nine out of 10 viewers are tuning in to streaming TV with others, it’s clear that the game is changing. But when it comes to political campaigns, which route do you think is more effective—traditional linear TV or CTV ads?

    Traditional TV ads have been around forever, and they still reach a massive audience. But with CTV, you’ve got this whole targeted advertising based on their interests and viewing habits. Plus, there’s the whole co-viewing thing—it’ll be like two voters for the price of one ad!

    Of course, linear TV ads aren’t going away anytime soon. They’ve got that broad reach and familiarity that’s hard to beat, especially for certain demographics. But CTV is becoming a whole new toolbox for political marketers.

    What’s your experience been? Have you dabbled in CTV advertising, or are you sticking to linear TV?

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