Internet Marketing for B2B Sales

January 7, 2014 - 3 minutes read

 [ Many startup founders mention Jyothirmayee as one of the experts in internet marketing. I met Jyothirmayee the week before Christmas. The following article is based on our conversation. ]


Jyothirmayee has been doing internet marketing since 2006. She built the marketing strategy for organic and unpaid traffic for TutorVista, to the scale of 1M+ visits a month within a span of 5 months. She is now the founder of Hiveminds, a technology based SEO/SEM company. Hiveminds provides expert internet marketing services. The following is some of her thoughts on the recent changes in internet marketing.

Online lead generation

Marketing and sales functions have merged online. Earlier marketing teams were building the brand and ensuring awareness. Sales teams were responsible for leads and closure. Now-a-days, marketing is also responsible for the eventual sale. Lead generation and qualification of the leads is part of the marketing team’s job. There is no clear distinction on what is sales and what is marketing, in online B2B sales.

In online marketing, we need faster feedback loops to see which leads convert to sales. These faster feedback loops are not possible for large B2B sales. Which forces us to qualify the leads when the leads comes in. You can do that by collecting more information at the time of lead generation or have a team call the leads to get more information.

This is where software solutions like call tracking and smart lead generation forms are very important for B2B companies.

Leads to Sale Conversion

For every 10 leads that are generated atleast 1 must convert to sale. If that does not happen, then marketing is generating false leads. Marketing has to look at targetting the right set of people. If you have a good product and a good sales team, even one in every 3 leads can be converted into a sale.

Marketing has to understand what a product stands for and target the right set of people online. If you are selling $500 phones, you cannot target people looking for a $100 phone. If you just ask people if they want a phone, they will say, “Yes, I want a phone”. Marketing has to communicate that you are selling phones in the $500 range. There will be another set of people looking for a phone in the $1000 range. It is marketing responsibility to target the right people. You have to target people who want $500 phone, not $100 phones.

We also talked about the current software solutions in this space and what new solutions are needed. We’ll write an article on those thoughts in a future post. Stay tuned.