Automatically Gather Data

Publish a phone number and keyword at your event and ask people to opt-in using SMS. CallHub will automatically get their name and email. It will then create their contact profile for you.

People who attend your events are your biggest supporters. Do not miss a single person using CallHub's SMS Opt-in campaigns.


Create new CRM contacts

CallHub automatically creates new profiles within your CRM for new contacts singing up via SMS texts.

Update your contact list

For people signing up with SMS, CallHub checks your imported contact database for duplicates and updates the contact details for pre-existing contacts.

Tag the contact in your CRM

Choose the tag, either imported from your CRM, like Nationbuilder, or create one in CallHub. When a supporter joins through a text message, the contact in your CRM is tagged with the respective tag chosen in CallHub.

Personalize follow up questions

Use contact mobile numbers, names and other details collected to personalize any follow-up questions. Eg: Thanks {First Name}, what is the name of the city you live in?.Β {First Name} is replaced by the name the contact shared when they texted to join.


What else can you do on CallHub?

Learn more about CallHub by going through our exhaustive list of features.

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