Collective Texting

Why peer to peer texting?

Use person to person text messaging for scalable 1 to 1 conversations with people. Get more people to attend events, become volunteers, raise funds, get out the vote, and convert from leads to customers all through personalized text messages.

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What is peer to peer texting?

Peer-to-peer texting lets organizations send text messages to people with the help of volunteers. Each volunteer uses CallHub to send out a batch of texts and manages the responses. These batches are assigned to them. You can attach a survey to a campaign and have volunteers record information from a conversation, like if they will attend an event, or how much they are willing to donate.

As the manager, you can assign and reassign conversations to volunteers, manage the campaign schedule, decide who the recipients are and of course have all the survey data and conversations sync with your CRM.

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Winning Collective Texting campaigns across 3 continents


Open rate




Average response time


Response rate

Cost effective
Start small, grow big
Stay compliant
Using Collective texting doesn't break regulation
200% higher engagement
Compared to email
Rapid Response
P2P texting is faster than phone and more personal than broadcast.

Integrate with your favourite organizing CRM

Collective Texting has a 2-way sync with your CRM. Import Contacts, Lists,  Tags, Surveys, and Events. Sync activity and make tags viewable to volunteers during a texting campaign.


nationbuilder voice and sms integration
CallHub integrates with ActionNetwork

Step 1

Plan your campaign

Build a list of people you need to reach out to quickly and effectively. Collective Texting integrates bi-directionally with your CRM, making it easy to import contacts and sync activity.

Recruit volunteers

Agents or volunteers start and manage conversations with your contacts. You'll need an agent for every 2000 contacts. Manage and organize these volunteers easily with CallHubs volunteer team management feature.

Step 2

Step 3

Start texting

Create your first initial message and bolster it with a survey. This survey can be imported from your CRM. Once your volunteers start texting, track the progress of your campaign using our dashboard. Easily reassign inactive chat to other volunteers.


Pricing for Collective Texting by CallHub is only paying per text. You do not have to pay any monthly subscriptions. Create an unlimited number of volunteer accounts and share them across phone banking and collective texting campaigns.

  • Rates
    Country Per-Outbound Text Per-Inbound Text
    United States USD 0.016 USD 0.012

    Buy local numbers at USD 2 per month

  • Example usage cost
    # Text messages Total Cost
    1000 USD 18
    5000 USD 82
    100000 USD 1602
Collective Texting

Why CallHub

Pay as you go

No subscriptions, no mimimum number of texts. Only pay for what you use. See pricing

Broadcast initial message

Combine the speed of a broadcast text with the collective handling of responses by volunteers.


Sync your peer to peer texting campaigns instantly with your CRM. Import surveys, reports, events, tags, contacts and more from Nationbuilder, NGP VAN and Action Network.

Combine forces

Collective texting comes included with our distributed phone banking software, broadcast texting and voice broadcasting features. Share agents across phone and text banking campaigns.

Free support

All CallHub customers get access to our outstanding 24hr customer support. Reach us through email, live chat, and a phonel. We'll help and guide you all the way.

In 200+ countries

No matter where you are, we got you covered. If you are looking to superpower your outreach campaigns to voters, supporters or customers, get started with Collective Texting today. ps: It's free to create an account!

Over 1200+ happy customers from across the globe

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