Top 7 Fundraising Consulting Firms

December 19, 2018 - 9 minutes read

To develop a strong fundraising strategy, nonprofits could certainly do with some help from experts in the field. This is where fundraising consulting firms come into the picture by facilitating an easier path to your fundraising goals. Through a variety of different tools, skill sets, and information and insight, these firms ensure that the strategies you build are practical and sustainable.

Whether you’re only looking for some additional knowledge regarding your fundraising strategies, or are trying to start proven fundraising ideas, these top 7 fundraising consulting firms will help you with different aspects of your fundraising campaign.

Changing Our World

Changing Our World helps nonprofits, businesses, and philanthropists with their revenue strategies by understanding their work environment. To help clients reach their fundraising goals, they offer:

  • Campaign services: by providing tailored strategies to design and implement capital and endowment campaigns.
  • Fundraising programs: which include annual giving, partnership development, audits, and development plans.
  • Capacity building: which involve prospect strategies, wealth screening, gift packaging, and leadership development.

They use well-defined research and analytics to define fundraising solutions with their offices being located in NY, Boston, Atlanta, Austin in the US and London in the UK. Changing Our World has several clients including UNICEF and World Vision.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling is a fundraising consultant focused on helping nonprofits achieve sustainable solutions by raising money, engaging leaders, and expanding their missions. They ensure that they take your needs into account so that their services are tailored to your nonprofit. The services they offer are:

  • Fundraising solutions: where they help you cultivate donors to raise money, determine if you’re ready for a capital campaign, and build infrastructure for your campaign.
  • Strategic planning: by helping you assess your financial health, the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign, and your relevance within your community.
  • Board Catalyst: to help you improve and maximize the performance of your board.

Aly Sterling aims to provide solutions which can fit in with your existing fundraising plans and their offices are located in Toledo, Ohio. Their clients include Boy Scouts of America and Habitat for Humanity.

DNL OmniMedia

DNL OmniMedia helps nonprofits reach their fundraising goals by offering technology solutions and strategic consulting services. They also help in outreach and constituent engagement through their digital communications. They provide services like:

  • Blackbaud Solution Provider: by helping customize your Blackbaud strategy and expertise regarding Blackbaud Luminate to manage custom fundraising campaigns.
  • Nonprofit Technical Strategy: to streamline your organizational processes by offering consulting to maximize your fundraising platforms, CRMs and communication, and marketing channels.
  • Nonprofit Web Development: where DNL helps optimize your online presence and digital strategy.
  • Nonprofit marketing services: by assessing your fundraising goals and building a marketing strategy around these goals.
  • Fundraising Strategy: to help your nonprofit acquire, steward, and expand its donor/supporter base.
  • Nonprofit data migration and analytics services

DNL OmniMedia is located in Arlington, NY and has worked with clients like Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and The Reach Institute.


Graham-Pelton mainly helps nonprofits present in the charity, healthcare, education, and social advocacy sectors by providing fundraising and management consultancy. Nonprofits who are in a transition phase and are aiming to grow can use their guidance to create a high-functioning team. They assist with:

  • Fundraising Strategy: by providing tailored services such as annual and planned giving, and assessing barriers that stand in the way of fundraising success.
  • Fundraising Campaigns: by providing resources such as planning studies, campaign strategy/counsel, campaign assessment and audits, and communications.
  • Attraction and Retention: to attract new donors and keep existing ones engaged through fostering donor and alumni relations, and catering to your global donor base’s considerations.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: by operational and talent assessment which solidifies your fundraising structure, training, and providing interim staffing to ease the transition.
  • Business Intelligence: Using data-backed insights for prospect profiling, wealth screening, and keeping track of fundraising metrics.

Graham-Pelton has offices spread across the US and Europe in locations like NY, Washington, and London. Their clients include the Indian River Land Trust and American Psychiatric Association Foundation.

Averill Fundraising Solutions

Averill Fundraising Solutions is an expert fundraising consultant which has experience working with various nonprofit sectors right from healthcare and education to faith-based and civic nonprofits. They help with strategies aimed at achieving immediate goals as well as keeping your nonprofit’s long-term goals in mind. The services they offer are:

  • Campaign Direction: helps you achieve your fundraising goals by developing a customized solution and management plan for your nonprofit
  • Campaign Planning and Feasibility Studies: they help you prepare for a capital campaign by assessing your readiness, building fundraising infrastructure, etc.
  • Annual Fund Direction: by increasing your annual fund revenue, engaging new donors, and growing your prospect pipeline.
  • Embedded Staffing: by providing fundraising staffing along with training to your fundraising teams
  • Leadership Learning: through leadership workshops and retreats aimed at providing fundraising counsel to leaders and volunteers.
  • Executive Search: by helping recruit talented candidates such as Chief Development Officers to aid fundraising efforts.

Averill Fundraising is headquartered in New York, with other offices based in Chicago, LA, and Toronto. Some of their clients include the American Red Cross and The Nature Conservancy.

Aspire Research Group

Aspire Research Group focuses on building and strengthening nonprofit-donor relationships through prospect research. If your nonprofit is unsure of how to go about finding the right prospects, asking for donations, or are looking to get deeper insight out of your donor base, Aspire is a good fit for you. They offer 3 kinds of services:

  • Capacity Building with Research: provides research support to take your fundraising to the next level. There are 3 types of support—monthly research support, A La Carte support, and Essentials for the Successful Fundraising Research program.
  • Boutique Research: by prospect profiling, identifying your best prospects and gift prospects through data analysis and relationship mapping, and helping you understand donor data and metrics.
  • Fundraising Initiatives Support: through wealth screening for your fundraising project.

Aspire Research Group is suited for both large nonprofits who buy the tools most suitable for them, and smaller organizations who require hands-on training and support for researching prospects. They are located in Tampa, Florida, and have worked with clients like Cannon School.

Brian Lacy and Associates

Brian Lacy is a fundraising consulting firm which provides wealth screening and data cleansing services with experience in different nonprofit sectors. They create scalable solutions along with data-backed insights to help with donor outreach and engagement. They offer assistance with:

  • Consulting Services: helps nonprofits excel in their Annual Giving fundraising strategies.
  • Data Services and Prospect Identification: ensures your donor database is constantly updated and providing accurate philanthropic profiles to identify wealth capacity of donors and build solicitation strategies.
  • Solicitation and Appeals: through tools like e-solicitations, text-to-pledge, and silent auction services.
  • Marketing/Communication: helps you with your e-magazine design, and providing email appending and marketing merchandise services.

They’re located in Houston, Texas and have worked with Central Wyoming Rescue Mission and the University of Rochester.

If your nonprofit requires assistance with its fundraising, you should definitely consider working with some of the fundraising consulting firms mentioned here to make your life much easier.

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