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Automated vs Manual Phonebanking ( Call Center vs Collective Calling )

Published: Mar 23, 2018

If you didn’t already know, CallHub offers two kinds of dialing options for our flagship Call Center feature. One that is automated and the other that is, well, not!

What makes one dialer automated and the other manual? And where would each dialer be appropriate? And lastly, how much does it cost?  In this article, we’ll address all these questions and more.

automated vs manual phonebanking

Automated Dialing aka Virtual Phone Banking aka Call Center Software

CallHub’s automated dialer is a virtual outbound call center that dials through a contact list and connects answered calls to active agents. Now how do agents connect to CallHub? We offer 4 modes:


The agent connects to the calling campaign through their computer browser. All they would need is a headset and they would use the CallHub browser interface to read through the calling script and answer any surveys.


  1. Most affordable
  2. No need for 2 devices
  3. Hands-free!


  1. Requires decent internet connection on the agents’ end


The agent connects to the campaign through their phone whilst using CallHub on their browser to read the script, answer surveys and move to the next call. A phone-based connection has two modes. Either the agent dials-in to the campaign, or the agent receives a call to be connected. These connection modes are chosen based on phone plans in your country and pricing.


  1. Comfortable for older volunteers
  2. Does not require a high-speed internet connection


  1. More expensive than browser-based
  2. Need 2 devices!

Whichever mode you choose for an agent, what is common is that:

  1. The calls are always dialed by CallHub
  2. Single number as caller ID, that would be the one chosen by you, the manager

Also, check out these outbound calling tips for your business or call center to improve your sales!


CallHub is a pay as you service and you are charged for the calls made. There are always two calls being made at a time, one to the agent and the other to the contact. Visit our pricing page to find out the cost for your target country.

Automated Call Center Pricing

Manual Dialing aka Collective Calling

CallHub’s manual dialer also known as Collective Calling, is similar to the automated dialer in terms of interface, except, the calls are not made by CallHub. The agent would have to manually dial the number for the contact assigned to them on their personal phones and use CallHub to read through the script and answer any surveys.

How is Collective Calling better than Dialing yourself?

The old way of running a manual phonebank would be to equally split a contact list amongst available volunteers. It would then be their responsibility to dial the numbers, fill up a sheet or excel sheet and then proceed to the next call.

Dynamic assignment

What if your volunteers are distributed geographically? You wouldn’t be able to coordinate with them on their progress. If they weren’t able to finish a list, you would only know much later, after they updated another sheet.

With Collective Calling, the contact assignment to agents is dynamic! Based on the number of active agents, AT THAT time, we assign a contact to them. You will NEVER face the issue of having contacts not called at the end of a day. You will also be able to remove an agent from an active campaign if they aren’t performing well. You call also add contacts back in the queue if they didn’t pick up the first time. Ting!

Immediate sync

If you are using a CRM like NationBuilder, Action Network or NGP VAN, and you don’t want to give access to these systems to your hired / transient volunteers, CallHub’s Collective Calling will help you separate them while still having calls dialed manually. As we integrate bi-directionally with these CRMs, any event, survey, supporter level, etc can be imported into your campaign. Agents can answer these surveys during a call and the results sync with your CRM INSTANTLY!

Show or Hide information

CallHub lets you choose what information you want to be made visible during a campaign. You can easily maintain privacy of a contact while sharing important tagging information, like has he voted before, what are his issues? etc.

Analytics & Monitoring

How can you improve if you don’t know how long it takes to run a campaign, how long each individual agent takes for a call or how many calls a particular agent makes. You get all of this and a whole lot more with CallHub. All calls are tracked and measured in our analytics dashboard.


Collective Calling pricing is pay as you go too! Plus, you get the first 5000 calls Free!

Collective Calling Pricing

Where would you use Collective Calling over Automated Dialing?

If your country has strict rules against automated calls to contacts, but you would still like to optimize your calling campaign, Collective Calling is perfect for you. If most of your contacts in your phonebook are mobile numbers as opposed to landlines, you may prefer manually dialing these numbers rather than calling them using an automated dialer, primarily due to TCPA regulations.

On the other hand, if you are a political campaign that would like to reach voters or if you are an advocacy organization that has got explicit permission from supporters to call them, OR if TCPA regulations are not as constricting for you, then Automated Dialing is the way to go!

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Advantages of Automated over Manual

  1. You save LOTS of time. Automated dialing, especially with a Predictive Dialer, is 200% faster than manual
  2. Monitor calls to give feedback
  3. Track everything
  4. Transfer calls during a campaign to a manager, representative
  5. Maintain the privacy of volunteers: the only caller ID visible is that of your campaign’s
  6. Customize caller IDs by area code to increase answer rates
  7. Find the best times to call

To get started with a call center campaign, whether automated or manual, head here to sign up and create an account. We also offer texting, peer to peer texting, and voice broadcasting features, that fit in perfectly with your overall campaign goals.


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