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Power Dialer

Automated dialer for teams that don't need to be rushed.

What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer is an automated outbound dialer that does the dialing for you while letting the agent focus on the live call at hand. Once the call is done, the agent has time to fill up the survey, enter notes and indicate that they are ready for the next call. The Power Dialer then dials the next person in the queue. This dialer is convenient for sales teams, advocacy and political groups that need to fundraise and for campaigns where the cost of not talking to a contact is high.


How does a Power Dialer work?

A Power Dialer dials the next number only after the previous call ends, unlike a Predictive Dialer that dials numbers before an agent becomes available. Because of this, contacts do not encounter the short 1-2s pause after pickup that can occur with a Predictive Dialer.

Set dial rate (X:1)

Depending on the type of list, the dial rate of the Power Dialer can be adjusted to improve the connection rate. If the list has an average pickup rate of 40%, a dial rate of 2:1 improves the chance of a live answer by dialing two numbers for every available agent. This helps speed up the campaign while giving agents and volunteers adequate time to enter notes and fill up survey questions.

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Advantage of CallHub’s cloud-based Power Dialer

Multiple dialing modes

Depending on time, budget and type of conversation you want to have, choose between Power Dialer, Predictive Dialer and Preview Dialer.

Advanced analytics

Track the progress of your Power Dialing campaign with in-depth call metrics, daily reports and stats on agent performance.

Unlimited agent seats

Recruit additional agents without worrying about the cost. We don’t charge for agent seats or contacts.

Get more people to pick up their phone

Call at the right time

Schedule a more convenient time to talk if the contact is busy. CallHub automatically dials them at the scheduled time.

Project a local presence

Reach people from a local number no matter which part of the world you call from.

One-click voicemail drop

Drop a pre-recorded voicemail with a click when you reach an answering machine.

Quality conversations

Personalized Scripts and Surveys

Personalized scripts with built-in surveys make it easy to have authentic conversations while recording responses of the call. Results are synced with your CRM.

View history of interactions

Agents can view the details of past conversations with the contact over voice and text including call logs, survey responses, tags and notes

Live call monitoring

Join a live call while agent talks to contacts and help guide new recruits. Calls can also be recorded.

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What about people who don’t pick up their phone?
Follow-up with a text message.

"I love this product. It’s easy to use with a very clean user interface. The price is the most economical I’ve seen in the industry and last but not least is the wonderful customer support. They answer all questions very quick."


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How Democrats Abroad helped drive 300% increase in overseas voter turnout with phone calls

By moving their phone banking operations into CallHub, Democrats Abroad created a distributed campaigning model for volunteers around the world to call more than 150,000 members spread across 190 countries to help them with registration and voting.

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