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Patch-through calls

Connect thousands of voters to key decision makers.


Connect citizens to decision-makers

Use patch-through calling campaigns when you need to drive hundreds or even thousands of calls to elected officials. Patch-through calls are a fast and cost-effective way to connect supporters to key decision makers. Turn everyday citizens into political activists to bring attention to the issues that you care about.

Call supporters

Build a team of volunteers to call voters and identify people who support your cause.

Educate about issue

Convey your message to supporters and educate them about the issue with call scripts.

Connect to rep

Connect supporter to the right rep. The agent can stay on the call and connect the supporter to another representative if needed.

Patch-through calling features

Live Phone Call Monitoring

Stay on the call while the voter talks to the decision maker. Your call is on mute.

Unlimited Volunteers

Volunteers are crucial to your campaign. Recruit as many as you need, for free! We do not charge per seat in a campaign.

Scripts and Surveys

Add a calling script and survey for every campaign. Train your agent on the script and collect information on the call and the progress. The results are synced directly into your CRM.

Call from anywhere

Recruit volunteers from around the city or even world and put them to work. Volunteers can make calls for a campaign from anywhere in the world, right from their browser. Browser calls cost the least. They can even make calls from their phone or soft phone.

Volunteer management

Create an unlimited number of teams and organise your volunteers into these teams. Assign a team to a advocacy campaign instead of individual volunteers.

Surveys responses and Analytics

Forget pen and paper. Use CallHub’s advanced survey tool and get digital responses instantly. Use advanced analytics platform to evaluate your calling campaign.

Call center sms marketing anaytics

Analytics and Reports

Measure the performance of your campaign while it’s running. Get an overview of the calls being made and the duration of each call. The dashboard helps keep you on track to achieve your goals.

  • You can send a single, personalized text message to all your contact segments at once.
  • Text messages reach all your contacts immediately, which is great for time-sensitive messages.
Call center sms marketing anaytics

For people who don’t pick up their phone

Follow-up with a text message directly from your call center screen.

  • Collect permission to message a person
  • Display useful instructions during opt-in
  • Offer clear opt-out instructions
  • Acknowledge opt-out requests
Sms follow up from call center software

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