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Deliver your pre-recorded message to hundreds of thousands of contacts. Reach a large number of people in the shortest time without waiting for free phone lines.


Advantages of CallHub Robocall System

Text To Speech

Instead of uploading an audio file, type out what you have to say and CallHub will convert it to audio.

Detailed Reports and Call Analytics

Detailed reports about your robocall campaigns helps you plan effectively. Get real-time campaign reporting, call reports and daily performance reports.

Pay as You Go Pricing

Pay only for the minutes you use. No monthly subscriptions.

Robocall Features

Press-1 Campaigns

Tell people your message and let them press - 1 to transfer calls to a live representative or ask the caller to leave a message. Create custom polls and collect feedback with upto 10 digits between 0 - 9 as transfer options.

Local presence dialing

Establish a local presence for your business and political robocalls by automatically changing your CallerID to match the location of your contacts. Increase your engagement rates by upto 20%.

Manage Do Not Call

Easily enable do-not-call in your robocalling campaigns. Contacts choosing do not call will be added to the DNC list and not contacted for future campaigns. You can create custom DNC lists or import your list into CallHub.

Answering Machine Detection

Intelligently detect answering machines and play a different recorded audio message or hang up the call when detected.

Transcribe voicemails to text

Get notified instantly via email when contacts leave a voice message. Voicemail recording and text transcript included as attachments.

Redial unanswered calls

Reach contacts who don’t pick the first time with multiple pre-scheduled retries.


CallHub integrates bi-directionally with CRMs. Share data between CallHub and NationBuilder, SalesForce, ActionNetwork, ActionKit, Shopify and more.

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