Staff Notifications

Manage hospital communication and activities through instant notifications about cleaning and maintenance schedules, timetable changes, staff meetings and employee birthdays.

Healthcare Alerts

Keep in touch with patients by alerting them about test results, recurring checkups and prescription refills. Raise awareness through health tips and updates about new services.

Appointment Reminders

Minimize no shows through appointment reminders. Send out reminders to schedule the next appointment and use keyword responses to confirm your appointments.

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SMS Broadcasting

SMS text messages are the quickest way to reach your audience. Easily personalize your messages for each contact with CallHub Custom Fields. Use tags to address people by their first name and send custom URLs to track individual clicks.

Sign up campaigns

Display your phone number and keyword to let patients sign-up to receive reminders, updates, and alerts by messaging the keyword to the number of your healthcare facility. Collect patient details and update it to your phonebook or sync with your CRM.

Automatic replies

Set up automatic responses to messages. Filter incoming messages based on keywords.

More from CallHub

Call Center

Save time and money with the outbound call center. Set up your call center in minutes. Add surveys to your campaign and make sure every call by an agent is recorded, monitored and saved. Increase your reach rate with automated virtual dialers and connect supporters to key decision makers with patch-through calling.

Voice Broadcasting

Reach a large number of people in the shortest time. Use it for updates, event promotions and sending emergency notifications. Make a large number of simultaneous calls with the robo dialer and get live leads with press-1 campaigns.


Keep track of your campaign and measure campaign progress from the analytics dashboard. Get data on campaign reach, agent activity and performance. Track metrics, set performance goals and proactively identify problems with running campaigns.

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  • Rates
    CountryOutbound CallsInbound Calls
    United StatesUSD 0.014USD 0.012

    Rates are for billing increment of 30 seconds

  • Example usage cost
    # CallsTotal Calls
    1000USD 14
    5000USD 70
    100000USD 1400
  • See all prefixes
    PrefixOutbound Calls
    1USD 0.014
    1340 (Virgin Islands)USD 0.024
    1808 (Hawaii)USD 0.0345
    1907 (Alaska)USD 0.125
    1900 (Premium)USD 0.375
    PrefixInbound Calls
    1USD 0.012
    18USD 0.029


  • Rates
    CountryPer-message SentPer-message Received
    United StatesUSD 0.016USD 0.012

    Buy local numbers at USD 2 per month

  • Example usage cost
    # Text messagesTotal Cost
    1000USD 18
    5000USD 82
    100000USD 1602