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How to send election campaign text messages

Published: Apr 20, 2017

During an election campaign, communication is key. Between field workers and organizers, organizers, and voters and sometimes even between voters.

Communicating through text is one channel that your election campaigns cannot ignore. And there are three good reasons:

  • Almost every person owns a cell phone.
  • It’s far less obtrusive when compared to calls.
  • Text messages have a 98% open rate.

Now that we know how important it is, how do we send bulk text messages without having to manually type each one?

how to send campaign text messages

Campaign text messages

You can send a large number of personalized text messages in an instant using CallHub. Receive replies to your texts inside of CallHub and filter by keywords used in the message.

Send automated responses to these keywords too, for example, confirmation of the time, date and venue for a volunteer meeting to every person who texts “yes” to attend.

If you use a CRM to manage your contacts and events, Import them and set up these responses to convert into RSVPs inside your CRM. There’s a lot you can do with just one tool.

Check out our tips to send bulk text messages to get advice on how to run a successful campaign.

Let’s get down to the basics. How do you send campaign text messages? Follow these easy steps to quickly automate your text messaging.

Import contact information

Import all the contacts who you want to text into CallHub. There are 2 ways of doing it:

  • A manual import through a CSV file
  • Through an integration.

If you use a CRM already, an integration makes the most sense. Pull your contacts from your CRM and bring them into CallHub with a click of a button.

It gets better, any changes made to the contact information like updated names or email IDs collected through SMS marketing campaigns, sync with your CRM too.

Check if you already use one of our existing integrations, if not, tell us what you use and we can help you import from it. If CSV is how you store your data then follow this tutorial to import contacts through CSV.

Rent a phone number for your campaign

You can’t use your own phone number to send out bulk text messages. This is because the replies to these texts can only be handled if the number is managed by us.

When creating a campaign, rent the right number that represents your country and area. You can also use a shortcode to send text messages but being far more expensive to rent, they make the most sense when you need to send a very large number of text messages. On the other hand, each long mobile number only costs 2 USD to rent for a month!

Create your election campaign text message

Everything you have to say needs to be condensed into 160 characters for it to go out as a single text. With not much letter real estate available, there isn’t room for superfluous writing.

Keep your texts short and to the point.

Don’t forget to include a sentence that asks your contact to do something. This call to action could be asking for a “Yes” or “No” response or more information like their email ID.

Note: Sign up campaigns are perfect to collect more information about your audience.

Don’t forget to personalize the text message by including their name or maybe their voting booth site. These inclusions make the text more specific and they increase your chances of getting a response.

CallHub lets you easily include contact information as tags inside your text message template.

Setup keyword responses

If your call to action is asking your voters to reply with their answer, set up keyword responses in your campaign to manage them. For example, when someone texts “RSVP” to an invite text, send them a “Thank you” and register this RSVP.

Use this for events or to perform SMS based surveys by asking Yes or No questions. You’ll also get detailed analytics on these responses to delve into later.

Schedule a time to send out texts

Schedule bulk text messages at any time of day with our advanced scheduling features. You can decide on what day of the week these texts should be sent and between which hours of the day.

Send texts months before an election, asking voters about issues that are important to them. You can also trigger text messages to be sent based on actions of your contacts on another platform you manage.

For example, it’s easy to set up a campaign to send a welcome text message to a new volunteer as soon as they sign up on your website. Read our guide on how to do so.

Manage replies to texts

You can manually respond to each reply if needed. Send these replies quickly and easily using the manager interface. Tag every contact who is texted or replies to a text and use custom tags for each different campaign. This gives you a great way of analyzing which contacts in your contact list were involved in any particular campaign.

It’s not hard to send election campaign text messages. CallHub makes it even easier. Take a look at a demo video on how to send text messages on CallHub.

Demo on how to send campaign text messages


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