10 Best Volunteer Management Software

December 21, 2018 - 8 minutes read

You already know to recruit volunteers and train them, but once you have enough, how do you manage them? Of course, there are tons of volunteer management strategies out there and you probably use a few. But that doesn’t encompass the entire process of managing your nonprofit volunteers.

A volunteer management software helps you register, schedule, and communicate with your network of volunteers by storing contact information, a participant’s history, their availability, and more.

Since there are so many tools that will help you manage your volunteers, we know it’s hard to find one that’s right for your nonprofit’s needs. Which is why we’ve made a list of 10 tools. These are our picks for the best volunteer management tools to fit your nonprofit needs.


NationBuilder provides nonprofit organizations with the tools required to build websites, move volunteers to action, manage events, and raise funds. It also lets you schedule shifts, run background checks, conduct volunteer reviews and build reports on all volunteer activities. Along with the ability to send out emails, integrations with tools like CallHub also let you manage volunteer communication. You can schedule text messages or calls to go out in advance before a shift or reach out to volunteers with any campaign updates.
Starts at starting at $29/month.


Ivolunteer helps nonprofits sign-up and manage volunteer scheduling. The tool provides customizable, reusable sign-up sheets. You can publish the forms via your website, email, Facebook, or Twitter. It also sends automated email reminders and provides reports on volunteer activities. It‘s a scalable and affordable solution that can be used to run events, both large and small.
The tool provides two plans: a free plan and a premium plan which start at $20/month.


Volgistics is an online volunteer management software which allows organizers to register, schedule, manage and communicate with their volunteers. Volunteers can submit their shift preferences or schedule it themselves. The tool helps you keep records of your current and past volunteers and communicate with them via email or text message.
Pricing depends on the size of your organization’s volunteer community and starts at $9/month.

Action Network

Action Network is an organizing tool that can be used to recruit and organize volunteers both online and offline. The tool can also be used to fundraise while enabling your nonprofit to create different types of activities, roles, and track the work done. Dynamic integrations with tools like CallHub makes running campaigns and communicating with your volunteers so much easier. You can make phone calls or send texts to remind and keep volunteers updated with your campaign.
Based on the size of your organization.


VolunteerHub covers everything from recruitment, registration, management, and communication of volunteers. Organizers can use it to increase event participation by empowering volunteers to view and sign up for events. You can also organize teams for specific events based on their location, interests, skills, etc. It also provides reports and insights for volunteer activity.
Starts at $69 per month.


eCoordinator can be used to recruit, manage, and measure tasks done by your volunteers. The management system comes with a built-in background check, reference check, e-campaign support, and survey tools. It helps organizers manage and grow their volunteer programs with products to match their changing needs. The features also include automated emails, embeddable registration forms on your website, surveys, and analytics to track volunteer hours.
You can either use the free account or premium account which starts at $208/month.


VolunteerLocal is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps nonprofit organizations organize, manage, schedule and communicate with volunteers. Its key features include real-time reporting, volunteer data collection, and onsite check-in. The tool also helps with contacting volunteers in order to update them about events or tasks. The real-time reporting feature helps you review jobs and shifts that have been created, allowing you to re-assign, blacklist or remove volunteers. Administrators can modify security settings to grant role-based access to employees.
You can choose from three plans: discover plant at $200/event or $600/year, grow plan is $800/event or $2,400/year, and conquer plan is $3,000/event or $10,000/year.


Timecounts is a cloud-based volunteer management solution with flexible tools. You can create beautiful event pages, assign shift schedules, and applications with this tool. You can store your supporter information into a smart directory with profile cards which will help your volunteers make calls. It also lets you organize events, orientations, signups, ongoing schedules, and assignments. Auto confirmations and reminders are sent to volunteers which makes scheduling them a breeze.
They provide a free plan, premium plan at $40/month, and growth plan at $100/month.


DonorPerfect is a comprehensive solution for nonprofits seeking donor, fundraising, and volunteer management. The volunteer-specific features of the tool include assignment and skill tracking, hours served, and solicitation reports. Apart from that, the tool is best suited for fundraising. It helps you manage gifts and pledges, campaigns, donor retention, emails, and event registration.
DonorPerfect offers pricing packages to meet organizations of any size and any budget.


YourVolunteers is a free cloud-based volunteer management solution. Its features include scheduling, engaging, and tracking services that have been used by more than 6,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide. You can either create shifts and let your volunteers choose from them or you can easily find those who are available and likely interested in the shift and assign it to them. In addition, volunteers can log their hours worked when they do not have scheduled times to work.
The premium account is priced at $20/month.

A volunteer management software helps nonprofits recruit, engage, and retain volunteers. Using any of these tools will help you build a positive volunteer experience. What are your favorite volunteer management tools? Share them with us in the comments below!