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Here’s 7 Proven Ideas to Promote your Election Campaign

Published: Aug 8, 2018

Are you looking for new ways to promote your election campaign or your candidate?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

It doesn’t matter if your candidate is a first-timer or a former office holder, your campaign must come up with a marketing strategy that helps you generate more leads.

We’ve put together 7 election promotion ideas you must include in your marketing strategy to get the votes you need.

Brand your candidate

Your candidate’s graphical branding is the front line introduction to making a great first impression. The branding should, therefore, convey trustworthiness and must please the eye. So, hire a professional branding firm or a designer to create a logo that best defines your candidate.

In addition to campaign slogans logo is an effective tool to enhance your personal brand. To be effective, the logo must expand your candidate’s voter base.

To have an effective logo, it must portray three things:

  • The form and style must contain the essence of the candidate and evoke an emotional response upon viewing
  • It must be memorable
  • Display the logo across various platforms and make sure it performs well in different media

Personal branding helps your candidate reach out to busy voters who have only two minutes to glance at the campaign message. Therefore, the candidate’s logo must be effective in reflecting the message.

Set up a website

Every candidate must have a well-designed and user-friendly website. It’s not just a digital brochure that helps in marketing your candidate but also helps in finding volunteers and raising funds. It is a good way to raise your candidate’s online presence. Remember to optimise the website to the interests of all kinds of voters.

You can use WordPress to set up your election campaign website. WordPress has various political themes for you to choose from which are suitable for your campaign. Use Google Analytics to find SEO keywords that voters search online to find information about your campaign. Once your website is set up, there are a few elements your campaign website must have, such as:

  • A homepage that includes photos, videos, sign-up forms, donation forms, social media links, etc
  • Issues you care about
  • Announcements of upcoming events, responses to opponents’ attacks, press releases, etc
  • A positive tone

Pro tip: Your website must match your candidate’s branding and should be mobile friendly.

Use mobile phones smartly

Modern-day elections are mobile-centric and provide your campaign with umpteen opportunities to persuade voters, recruit volunteers, and fundraise. Therefore, every campaign must have a mobile strategy at hand.

Since people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, sending text messages is the best way to reach and mobilise voters. Also, it’s the easiest and most cost-effective method for election promotion.

SMS broadcasts can be very helpful for your election campaign as it is a direct medium of communication. You can send out broadcasts for general updates and have personalized conversations with peer-to-peer texting tools for other efforts.

Text messaging can help you:

  • Invite supporters to events and rallies
  • Send alerts about media appearances
  • Keep voters updated with your campaign progress
  • Persuade voters and help in GOTV efforts
  • Thank and acknowledge voters and supporters

Pro tip: Gamification can help in marketing your candidate and expanding voter base.

Broadcast your voice message

Voice broadcasts are a good way to reach out to voters. It gives your candidate an alternate way to connect with voters other than a public rally. All you have to do is get your candidate to pre-record a voice message and send it out. This way, you can reach out to over 10,000 people per hour.

You can personalise the message to address an issue that will move people to vote for you. And, you can encourage people to act with Press 1 Campaign, through which they can send messages or connect with your agents.

Voice broadcast can help you:

  • Inform voters in sending their votes through a mail
  • Persuade voters in your own voice
  • Let supporters share their feedback with the Press 1 option
  • Send thank you messages

Use Social Media to your advantage

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to build cordial relationships with voters and supporters. Be it a local or national campaign it plays a vital role in your election.

Analyse where your target audience is and get active on that network. Also, learn your audience’s pattern and habits to customise your posts to their liking.

Apart from creating a perfect profile on your social media accounts, the content you post must attract voters to interact and share it. Also, develop a positive image of the candidate and indulge in location-based advertisements.

Send out newsletters

Newsletters are the simplest way of connecting with your supporters. It’s also a cost-effective way to convert leads into supporters. So, invest your time in creating beautiful newsletters with valuable content.

Use a reliable email marketing service provider like MailChimp. To build a template that matches your candidate’s personal brand and is supported on mobile phones.

To capture emails, provide sign-up forms on your website and ask your supporters to support your campaign.

Develop material that tells a story

You can’t even think of pitching your candidate without material. So, create material which could be brochures, flyers, car toppers, yard signs, campaign t-shirts, or push cards. Whatever you decide on, it must do three things:

  • Match with your candidate’s personal brand
  • Tell your campaign story in a visually appealing manner
  • Should answer the 5 Ws, that is: who, what, where, when, and why?

Now all you have to do is present a problem and show how your candidate will solve it. For example, instead of saying that your candidate will improve the public school system say, through X policy your candidate will implement these changes in public schools.

Next time you run for elections, aggressively market your campaign. So, send out newsletters, have a distinctive logo, use social media to promote your candidate, and broadcast messages. These election promotion ideas will definitely get you the win you need.


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