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Common Use Cases of Political Campaigns and Non-Profit Organisations

Published: Mar 22, 2014
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Many political campaigns and non-profit organisations use voice and text broadcasting software. We noted down the common ways people use it and the benefits of doing so.

1. Spreading the word

Creating awareness is usually the first step for any successful campaign because it helps you gain mindshare. Do people know you exist? What do you stand for? People create awareness for their cause by sending out voice broadcast messages and text broadcast messages.

CallHub helps to identify how the message was received, by asking people to respond to the message. It tracks individual broadcast campaigns and tells you how the response to the awareness campaign was.

2. Rally your Troops

Many customers have saved a full-time employee worth of staff time with phone calls that they don’t have to make. Using CallHub, people co-ordinate attendance to an event, and ask team members to confirm attendance. Co-ordination is much effective when it is automated.

3. Scheduled Reminders

Most no-shows and non-renewals of membership happen because everyone is so busy. Our customers schedule membership renewal messages and event reminders using CallHub. They find that using automated reminders decreases no-shows and increases on-time membership renewals.

Do you want to know who plans to attend your event? Call or Text them and ask them to respond. Your campaign will be automatically updated with the list of people who responded.

Do you use NationBuilder? CallHub is closely integrated with NationBuilder. Use a single dashboard to manage all your communication. All text messages sent via CallHub becomes contacts in NationBuilder. In addition, Call or Text to specific list and tag people in NationBuilder.

Get free credits and setup your organisation’s communication plan now.

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