TCPA Compliance

The Telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) limits the use of automated dialing systems, voice and text messages to consumers in the United States, without prior consent.
Call Center Software

Do not call mobile numbers

Under the TCPA, it’s is against policy to call mobile numbers through an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS). Use CallHub’s phone number verification tool to identify which numbers in your phonebook are mobile numbers. You can then weed them out and make sure that your call center campaigns are TCPA compliant.

Collective Calling

Manually dial numbers

CallHub gives you the ability to manually dial numbers keeping your campaign TCPA compliant. Set up a Collective Calling campaign and ask agents or volunteers to manually dial the numbers, assigned to them by CallHub, using their own physical devices. Your campaigns will be TCPA compliant and all the calls assigned, notes and surveys messages will be recorded through CallHub.


Maintain DNC list

Give every contact the ability to be added to your Do not call list. CallHub gives you the ability to add a DNC option to your campaigns. Whether it be a voice broadcasting campaign, an SMS marketing message or a Call Center campaign. A contact can choose to be added to your DNC list. Once added, the contact will never be called or texted again through CallHub.

Call Center

Monitor agents

CallHub gives you the ability to record all calls and monitor call center agents during calls. Maintain TCPA compliance by ensuring that your agents do not go outside the script and possibly break TCPA regulation.