Simplest way to reach all voters with your message

Schedule automated calling campaigns to your voters with your custom audio message. A simple phone call at the right moment gets more voters on your side than any other medium. Phone calls also reaches rural voters and voters without internet access  Here are some common use-cases of political campaigners.


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Automatically import voter records

You can import a voter file directly into CallHub. If you have a NationBuilder account, CallHub is also integrated with NationBuilder Election Center to make importing voter records easy. With a single click, you can import the complete voter file into CallHub. A simple campaign creation wizard helps you schedule political calling campaigns to the imported voter list.


Political calling campaign reports

 Campaign reports gives you information about the state of the political calling campaign as it happens. It will tell you how many voters were reached and how they responded to your campaign.


Daily tracking of political calls

Understand how your campaign performs on different days of the week. This helps you plan your political calls more effectively. Understand how your campaign performs and when people answer calls.