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Import custom fields into CallHub

Published: Apr 17, 2017

For a while now, you’ve only been able to import a fixed number of fields into CallHub. We’ve now made it possible for you to import as many custom fields as you like! Create these fields in CallHub and when you’re importing contacts through a csv, assign custom values to their respective custom fields. You can also manually edit contact information and add, update or remove these additional fields.

Custom fields can be used inside CallHub in many many ways. Let’s take you through some of the interesting ways to use additional customer information in your outreach campaigns.

import custom fields

Show additional information during call center campaigns

Additional information about a contact like their gender, preferred language of communication or even details like the amount of money donated or their latest order IDs. All of this information imported into CallHub is now visible for an agent to view. If you don’t want agents to see certain information, don’t forget about CallHub’s privacy settings feature. You can set visibility settings for each field, custom or not and you can choose it make it editable inside an agents calling session.

Personalize text and voice messages

Include specific contact info inside your text or voice messages using field tags. Personalise and customize each text message for every unique contact and make the message more relatable and accurate. For example, you can send order confirmation messages to your customers through a text or voice message. You can thank donors for donations given, specifying the exact amount they donated. You can also send text messages to volunteers confirming their personalised volunteering time slot and location.

How to create custom fields


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