New feature: Resend agent activation mails

September 13, 2016 - 1 minute read

Agent activation emails

Agent and volunteer accounts in CallHub are managed by the campaign manager. A manager can create an agent account and delete it too. The agent or volunteer though, needs to activate it. In CallHub phone banking campaigns, volunteers can sign up for a campaign using our embeddable form or a form that calls our agent APIs. Unfortunately, these volunteers sometimes forget to activate their CallHub account. The manager is then left with a large number of agents but only a small percentage active. To solve this issue, a manager can now resend activation emails to volunteers right from the CallHub dashboard.

resend agent activation emails

resend agent activation emails

We’re constantly working with and learning from our customers to improve our product and make it better fit their requirements. These changes, though small, have a big business impact. As we move towards bigger and better feature launches, we hope you continue to support us by giving us your feedback.

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