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Set Supporter Levels within CallHub

Published: Oct 13, 2016

Rate your contacts in your phonebook by their level of support. Set a supporter level from within a CallHub campaign. For all you NationBuilder users, support levels set in CallHub sync directly with the contacts support level in NationBuilder.

nationbuilder supporter levels

Supporter levels are a way of identifying how strongly a person supports your mission. You can grade them on a scale of five:

1 – Strong support
2 – Weak support
3 – Undecided
4 – Weak oppose
5 – Strong oppose

Where can I use support levels?

Political Campaigns

Campaigns often use support level to track how people plan to vote. While 2s plan to vote for your candidate or cause, 1s plan to vote for your candidate and are actively working to make sure she wins. Similarly, you may be able to persuade 3s and 4s to vote for your cause, while 5s are actively working for your opposition.


Advocacy and Non profits define the members of their community as being totally engaged with the mission (1s), connected to the mission with potential for growth (2s), unaware or undecided about your mission (3s), or opposed to your mission (4s and 5s).


Companies can use support level to track engagement of fans / customers. You could decide that customers are 2s, evangelists are 1s, people who support your competition are 4s and people who work for your competition or speak ill about your product are 5s.

Use supporter levels as goals

Create filters based on people who have just become supporters. Set your goals based on the people who have reached a certain support level.

How to set it in CallHub

set NationBuilder supporter levels callhub

set NationBuilder supporter levels CallHub

Add supporter levels to your Call Center campaign. During a call with a contact, if they show that they will vote for your candidate or support your cause, instruct your agent to set the support level during the call. It will show up next to the survey questions.


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