Smart Scheduler – Find the best times to call voters

We released the Dynamic dialer last month to help campaigns project a local presence by dynamically assigning a local caller ID to calls. The smart scheduler takes phonebook segmentation and targeting one step further by showing you the best time to call your contacts.

Users often end up relying on gut instinct to decide on when to call contacts, without any sustainable data to back their decisions. With the smart scheduler plugin, campaigners can find the best time slots to call contacts and improve the probability of the call being answered by 11% or higher! The scheduler analyses your campaign phonebook and gives you predictions on the best time to reach the people on your list. No more manual scheduling!

smart scheduler - find the best times to call

How does the smart scheduler work?

The smart scheduler analyses your phonebook to predict the best time to schedule your voice broadcast and call center campaigns. The findings are plotted on a graph over a 24 hour time period creating up to six custom time slots. These time slots are 4 hours long.

The scheduler analyses data from three primary data sets to make its prediction — agent activity, voice carriers, and location.

Agent Activity

This includes data from previous engagement with your contacts made through CallHub. The quality of the interaction, frequency of interaction, the validity of the number and metrics associated with call disposition are taken into consideration.

Carrier Data

For every call made through CallHub, our voice carriers return information on each interaction or lack of interaction with the metrics on call duration, un-allocated numbers, answering machines, the number of attempts and more.


Location data used by the smart scheduler starts as granular as county level data and extends to include city, state, country and time-zone data.

New data sets are analyzed and your recommendations are updated every week to present the best time recommendations.

Turn on Smart Scheduler

  • Navigate to the CallHub Store from your Campaign Dashboard.
  • Click on Smart Scheduler under Paid Plugins.
  • Click “Subscribe” to activate the plugin.
  • Go to the “Campaigns” page and click on “New Campaign”
  • Select your Voice Broadcast or Call Center Campaign and navigate to the “Schedule” step.
  • Under ‘Campaign Time’ select ‘Find Best Times To Call’.
  • If you haven’t already submitted your phonebook for analysis you will receive a prompt asking you to ‘Submit Phonebooks For Smart Data’
  • Once you’ve submitted the phonebook, wait for the analysis to complete and then click on “Apply Smart Schedules” to update your campaign schedule.

Is it right for me?

If you are already calling contacts at the most ideal time, the smart scheduler will not be able to improve your answer rate. How do you check for this? The Smart Scheduler comes with a recommendation engine that analyses your past campaigns to determine if there is any room for optimisation. You can see your custom recommendation on the Smart Scheduler plugin page under the “Subscribe” button.


The smart scheduler is an add on subscription service that you can add to your CallHub account. It costs USD 49.9 / month.