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Smart Scheduler

Increase your reach rate by more than 11%.


How it works

Smart Scheduler analyzes your phonebook to predict the best time slots to schedule your Voice Broadcast and Call Center campaigns. The findings are then plotted over a 24 hour period. The scheduler uses data from agent activity history, voice carriers, location and time zone to calculate the times for maximum engagement. The data from individual phonebook analysis is also compared to more than 30 million calls made through CallHub to increase the accuracy of your prediction.

About Smart Scheduler

What it does for your campaign

· Maximize engagement of outreach campaigns.

· Save time on manual scheduling.

· Connect to right people at the right time.

· Increase reach rate by more than 11%.

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USD 49.9 per month

CallHub features

Call Center

Save time and money with the outbound call center. Set up your call center in minutes. Add surveys to your campaign and make sure every call by an agent is recorded, monitored and saved. Increase your reach rate with automated virtual dialers and connect voters to key decision makers with patch-through calling.

Voice Broadcasting

Reach a large number of people in the shortest time. Use it for updates, event promotions and sending emergency notifications. Make a large number of simultaneous calls with the robo dialer and get live leads with press-1 campaigns.


Create and send personalized text messages to your contacts at a scheduled time. Setup outreach campaigns and record all incoming messages in your dashboard. Scale your phonebook through SMS sign-up campaigns and set up automatic responses to your keywords.

Other Plugins

Preview Dialer

Preview your contact details and calling history before dialing the number.

Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of campaign progress with reach rates, agent activity, agent comparison and team leaderboards.

Dynamic Caller ID

Set a local presence when calling by changing your CallerID to match the location of your contacts.

Automated Phone Verification

Clean up your phonebook by verifying the validity of landline and mobile contacts.

No subscription fee! Pay as you go

  • Rates
    CountryOutbound CallsInbound Calls
    United StatesUSD 0.046USD 0.026

    Rates are for billing increment of 30 seconds

  • Example usage cost
    # CallsTotal Cost
    1000USD 46
    5000USD 230
    100000USD 4600
  • See all prefixes
    PrefixOutbound Calls
    1USD 0.046
    1833USD 0.046
    1844USD 0.046
    1855USD 0.046
    1877USD 0.046
    1888USD 0.046
    1866USD 0.046
    1808USD 0.046
    1800USD 0.046
    1907USD 0.243
    PrefixInbound Calls
    1USD 0.026
    1855USD 0.062
    1844USD 0.062
    1833USD 0.062
    1877USD 0.062
    1888USD 0.062
    1866USD 0.062
    1800USD 0.062

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